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Do you have dry skin? Are you aware that it’s one of the most common issues that people face today within the United States alone? There are plenty of viable solutions on the market today which can combat this condition. Some people turn to Excipial as a method. If you’re fighting chronic dry skin issues such as eczema and others then you need something. If you’re fighting dryness due to premature aging then you need to put forth the effort to fix things.

Most people kick things off with an over-the-counter solution and that can actually work out well most of the time. Excipial is one of those brands that people opt for when battling super dry skin. They’ll give the hand lotions and creams a try as they’ve been created to help heal any dry skin that you might have.

There are some things that many people out there haven’t tried and those looking to take a more scientific approach to curing dry skin then you might want to look into using formulas that are more advanced than the typical creams collecting dust on the local shelves. These formulas are specifically geared towards healing extra dry skin in the most aggressive manner possible.

Excipial lotions and creamsInformation on The Excipial Product Line

The product line is actually quite simple. It’s also a very efficient line that consists of only four skin creams as well as a supplement taken orally. The creams can be identified as being part of one of two categories. Two of the creams help heal dry skin and itchy hands while the other two help heal rough hands and cracked or damaged skin. The creams are meant to be used anywhere on your body and where ever you see the most problematic issues. I’ll do my best to cover all types of products and the categories that they fall under as well.

The Hand Creams

As previously stated, there are two specific types of hand creams that exist today. They each help relieve pain and issues associated with itchy and dry hands. Many people choose to use these creams on their own but it’s been suggested that you actually use them in a two-step routine if you’re looking to soothe, heal, and continuously protect your skin from external or environmental factors. I’ll cover both creams so you get an idea as to what each of them does.

Excipial Daily Protection Hand Cream – This hand cream is meant for everyday use as it’s super lightweight. The cream can be applied as many times as needed throughout the day. The formula is considered to be a non-greasy formula that works quite well. It does just about everything you can think of to protect your skin from losing hydration and becoming dry and itchy. Apply when needed and you’ll find the results speak for themselves.

The company developed this to work as simple as that. As far as ingredients are concerned, you’ll find that the product contains jojoba oil which is a great anti-inflammatory ingredient. This also helps better moisturize and soothe the skin. Additionally, the cream does a good job of strengthening the skin barrier to help better protect. You won’t find any nasty fragrances in this either. Zero preservatives, dyes and things of that nature involved.

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Excipial Rapid Repair Hand Cream – Step two of this process is applying the Excipial repair cream. This is the step which helps relieve any itchy and also help heal your dry skin. It’s much heavier than then the first step because it’s filled with lots of ingredients that can condition your skin.

You’ll notice that it contains things like squalane and meadowfoam seed oil. Both of these ingredients are meant to help moisturize and lock the moisture in after doing so. This product should be used in the evening so that it can work while you’re sleeping. It’s able to penetrate the skin and work deep into your skin to help improve conditions over night.

The Lotions

If you do some digging around on the company website, you’ll also quickly recognize that they have two lotions they offer. These lotions were specifically designed to help heal skin that’s been cracked, is really rough and one that can be applied to all areas of the body. The lotions are similar to one another and both contain an ingredient known as urea. This is an ingredient proven to help hydrate and even slightly exfoliate your skin. I’ll cover both of them right now.

10% Urea Hydrating Lotion – This first lotion is one that contains 10% urea. The manufacturer claims that the product can easily provide “round the clock” hydration. This product also contains something known as castor oil, which can help improve smoothness and moisture levels. This ingredient is a naturally occurring ingredient.

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20% Urea Intensive Lotion – This second Excipial lotion contains 20% urea and it’s meant to help treat the drier areas of your skin such as the knees, feet, and elbows. The 20% urea is just enough to be able to aggressively treat and restore your skin back to health. If you look further into the ingredients, you’ll quickly realize that the product also contains sweet almond oil. This ingredient is said to help unclog your pores and better exfoliate your skin. You can use this lotion whenever needed but be sure to not apply it to your face as it might be too heavy.

The Reviews

If you head on over to your search engine of choice and do a quick search for “Excipial Hand Cream Reviews” then chances are you’ll find a number of positive ones. Many people have nice things to say about this brand and product. Lots of people seem to take the initiative to help treat their eczema with the products and they seem to yield positive results when doing so. If you’re having issues with stubborn areas of your body that are dry, then give this brand a shot.


As always, it’s important that you get a professional opinion before using any skin care product, but this line might be a good place to start. My suggestion would be to bring this to your doctor and ask what they think of it.

Excipial Review
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