Estee Edit Set To Launch With Kendall Jenner & Irene Kim


If you’ve made plans for mid March, you might want to reschedule them if you are a die hard Kendall Jenner or Irene Kim fan. Reason being, they’ve both teamed up with the beauty powerhouse brand Estee Lauder in an attempt to launch a new collection called The Estee Edit collection.  (We’ve reviewed another Estee Lauder product on this page.)

Estee Edit Lin From Kendall Jenner, Irene Kim and Estee Lauder

Kendall Jenner and Irene Kim Prepare For Estee Edit Brand Launch

There seems to be a lot of noise around this launch and it’s sparking the interest of many millennials today. They’ve been posting on Instagram, Twitter and all the other popular social networks sharing their anxiousness for the launch!

Does Estee Lauder think it’s going to be a big hit? What do you think! According to an article, there is anticipaction of sales reaching a whopping $60 million retail located throughout North America for the brand.

Estee Lauder is putting forth some serious effort in an attempt to become the biggest supplier for Millennials across the United States. They’ve strategically built alliances with two of the most prominent women in beauty and fashion today in an attempt to attract every Millennial possible. With Kendall Jenner being the newest face of the brand and the fact that she’s a social media mogul, it’s no surprise as to why she’s been chosen.

Let’s also not forget the likes of beauty blogger Irene Kim. She can be found almost anywhere across multiple sites talking about beauty, fashion and much more. She’s a model, blogger and influencer that’s edgy and attractive. A deadly combination for brand building and launching.

Now, if you’re interested in getting your hands on the products then I’d suggest you not make any plans on March 15th. The products are set to launch on that day and they will only be available at a physical Sephora store. The actual 82 products to be included have not been revealed but there’s a good chance that you may find something that you like. After all, when launching 82 products, one would think that there would be something for everyone.

If you’re hungry for the launch or just want to see what Kendall Jenner and Irene Kim are up to with regards to the brand. I’d suggest checking out the official Estee Edit Instagram. They’ve even started a hashtag campaign and are pushing #beautyattitudes until the brand launches.

My inbox is probably going to begin to flood with questions about this launch from individuals asking if this is the best beauty and skin care line to hit the market in 2016. I’ll save some of you the trouble that read the entire article by stating that there are thousands of products out there to use. Whether or not this brand is the best for you, only you can decide that. What I can say is that I know of some fantastic brands with less hype that do the job just fine and perhaps even better when it comes to caring for your skin.

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Estee Edit Set To Launch With Kendall Jenner & Irene Kim
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