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There are so many teens out there today that suffer from acne. It’s one of those conditions that literally can make any teenagers life miserable. If you’ve got a child that has been suffering from this condition over the years and you’ve put forth some effort to help find a solution, then you’ve likely come across some Epiduo reviews in the past. If you’re not familiar with what Epidup is, it’s an over the counter acne formula that’s gained popularity over the years. I’m sure you’ve seen the commercials on TV for this product.

In fact, they are all marketing similarly. They show teens trying to live a happy life and fighting depression and other issues that come with bearing zits. Sure, the commercials and the marketing of Epiduo paints a pretty picture and it’s the ideal image of any acne treatment, but does it really work?

Most consumers completely ignore everything there is to know about a product and they instead focus on the name brand or the marketing that pushes it along. What really matters most is the formulas and the ingredients used to make this acne treatment product. Before trying the Epiduo acne treatment it’s an even better idea to investigate the brand and see if it really works.

epiduo acne creamHere’s How Epiduo Works

If you read some of the Epiduo reviews you’ll quickly learn how this works. Better yet, let me tell you how it works now. The product uses a common approach to treating acne and the way it does this is by killing off any bacteria that exists and cleaning as well as unclogging pores.

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The medication contains ingredients that help reduce the presence of bacteria residing on your skin. Doing this help the patient cut down on inflammation and as a result, their acne heals quicker. Between beating up bacteria and enhanced skin cell cycle encouragement, this just might work.

One thing you need to know is that there are many different types of acne. They are not all treated in the same manner. Epiduo may not be the ideal treatment method for you if you’re suffering from a type of acne that it doesn’t typically treat. You’ll want to speak with a dermatologist in order to determine whether or not this is the best treatment option for you.

The Reviews

If you take a moment to digest some of the reviews out there you’ll quickly learn that many of them written are positive. Many patients that have taken the time to both try the product as well as write a review have left positive feedback. One thing you need to remember when digesting the reviews is that they were likely written by teens. As a result, many of the teens may be writing with various emotions on both ends of the spectrum. Just be sure to consider that when evaluating things.

Let me give you an example of this. A teen patient that’s suffering from acne might be very anxious from a social perspective. They may be getting bullied at school due to their acne and in the event that it clears up, they may be over joyous with the results.

I took the time to share some of the reviews that have been posted online below. The screenshot below shows some of the ratings that the product is getting from some major sites such as Acne.org and Drugs.com. You’ll notice that the reviews were positive for the most part.

epiduo reviews

I mean, they both literally have an average of 500 people rating the product with an average of 4-stars roughly.

The Ingredients In The Formula

When it comes to fighting acne, there are two main ingredients in the Epiduo product. Those ingredients are benzoyl peroxide and adapalene. I’ll cover the ingredient that most are less familiar with first.

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Adapalene is a chemical that works similar to how retinoids work. They help reduce the presence of acne by further stimulating skin cell regeneration. As new cells are formed, they are healthier and don’t clog as much. The very process is the one that reduces the clogging which is a huge factor in acne development today.

One thing you need to understand is that the acne will actually get worse before it gets better. This is all typical of the standard process. Once you get past the initial stages, then you’re good to go and acne should start to clear up. This specific period is referred to as the “purging” period.

As for the benzoyl peroxide, this is a common acne fighting ingredient that kills off bacteria and dries out the skin.

Buying Epiduo

Want to purchase Epiduo? Then you’re going to have to take a trip to your local dermatologist office. It’s a prescription only product at this point in time. The cost of Epiduo can vary depending on the coverage that you have. For a new patient, it’s bound to likely run about $25 and the refills might be about $10. Cost really depends on the insurance that the patient has.

Are There Side Effects?

So many people want to know if Epiduo has bad side effects. Truth is, you need to read the reviews to learn about them. Many of the people sharing their experience of using adapalene have mentioned issues with this ingredient.

For example, you might have some redness, peeling, flaking, and other issues during the initial stage. My advice for any teen looking to use this product is to test it out during the summer months when you’re not in shool. That way should you have any negative side effects, they will not take place while in the classroom.

Epiduo Reviews
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