Emoji Face Masks: Trending Hard Across Social Media And Beauty Stores


We all love taking selfies and sending text messages. It’s something that we’re constantly doing on daily basis. In fact, taking selfies and sending text containing emojis is almost second nature at this point for most. They’re so popular that beauty companies are catching on and riding the wave!

Emoji Face Masks

Emoji Faces X Skin Care Face Masks

If you take a close look at some of the hashtags on Instagram, you’ll understand what I’m talking about when referring to emojis and skin care products (which I heavily invest in these days). They’re all over the place and one company is taking full advantage of this trend. The Taiwan-based company known as Petite Amie Skincare just released a number of face masks that have emojis printed on them.

By now, if you have a smartphone then you know what an emoji is! If you don’t well, then I just don’t know how you survive in 2017 but that’s a whole other story. As for the masks, let me tell you what they’ve got going on and why they’re doing this.

Petite Skincare decided to roll out with various emoji masks such as the Love Mask, Chillin’ Mask, and Scream Mask. All of these masks all have different treatment methods that they provide. For example, the Love Mask is simply a yellow smiley face that has hearts in the eye region. This mask actually contains rose water which has been known to help improve the condition of the irritated skin.

The Chillin’ Mask is a yellow emoji wearing cool sunglasses. This mask is said to help soothe your skin and moisturize with a little help from some cucumber fruit extract and glycerin. Lastly, the Scream Mask is a yellow screaming emoji which contains collagen to help tighten your skin.

This isn’t the only company that’s trying to take over the selfie sheet mask scene. Another company called BioBelle is about to do a huge launch soon. You can actually pick up these funky masks at almost any beauty or skin care store. Check out Ulta, Sephora, Nordstrom, and even company websites for more options. Just be sure to steer clear from any aftermarket online deals, most of those are totally shady.

The masks typically range anywhere from $4 – $15 each depending on the brand and ingredients. Many Korean Beauty brands have mastered these masks and honestly, that is most likely where I would start.

The moral of the story is simple. If you’re going to start incorporating selfies into your daily or weekly routine, then you might as well start with sheet face masks to improve your skin.

Here are some Instagram photos of some people using the face masks.

More like leatherface than #emojifacemask

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Emoji Face Masks: Trending Hard Across Social Media And Beauty Stores
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