Emmy Swag Bags Feature Local Cannabidiol Skin Care Line 


If you’ve seen the Emmy’s before then you probably know that all of the nominees get Emmy swag bags. These Emmy Award gift bags are handed out to every nominee that shows up at the ceremony. Within these VIP gift bags, each nominee will be given 26 products. This isn’t something new to these events. The same type of swag bags were handed out during the Oscars at the Style Lounge a few months back.

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Cannabidiol Skin Line Hits The Red Carpet

The company is based out of Denver, Colorado and they are headed to Hollywood, California to share their products with many powerful celebrities. The cannabidiol skin care company is called CBD Care Garden and was created by three co-founders. Apparently, Elvis Edwards, Chris Elawar and Vanessa Marquez wanted to create a skin care company that produces a wide range of products containing cannabidiol aka CBD.

I’ve shared some of the more important things to understand about this ingredient right here. Some people have the misconception that CBD and THC both possess properties that can get them high as a kite. This is not true one bit. Contrary to how THC effects you, the use of CBD will not get you “high” like common THC will.

CBD Care Garden is not 100% organic but close. They are all natural though. The products are 80% organic. If you’re looking for a body wash, deodorant, anti aging lotion, and body moisturizing cream. Based on your needs, you’ll find that these products contain ingredients such as coconut oil, kukui oil, coffee berry extract and other powerful ingredients.

As this weed in skin care trend continues to grow, I think we’re going to see many new companies pop up all over the country. Congrats to CBD Care and their great product marketing efforts. It’s one of the most important factors when it comes to success in this industry. Who knows what the future might hold, especially if an A-list celebrity falls in love with one of the products.

You can check out this cannabidiol skin care company by visiting their official website. If you know of any other skin companies that are using CBD in their products then we’d love to know about them. Please feel free to contact us to share a tip or two with our team.

Emmy Swag Bags Feature Local Cannabidiol Skin Care Line 
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