Emma Roberts Dishes Out Some Skin Care Tips (To Travel With)


We’re all about the travel life and with that can often come difficulties. Taking into consideration the stress that goes along with traveling, the lack of health and body care as well as beauty, it can be a real disaster if you’re not prepared. Oh, let me not forget what a pain in the neck it is to lose your luggage too. That’s only adding fuel to the fire.

I know what you’re probably thinking, but you guys are the experts, how can you have issues like that? Well, we all have battles that we struggle with daily and beauty travel is one of them for us. However, our lives have been enhanced slightly due to some information we’ve been able to obtain recently. That information came from a celeb by the name of Emma Roberts.

Emma Roberts Skin Care Tips

She’s a down to earth girl that takes pride in her skin by preparing a self skin care routine that she religiously abides by through and through. You’re probably thinking that this routine consists of super high-end products and pampering.


Most of it is consistency, dedication, common sense, and actually pretty basic. Here’s what we learned about Emma Roberts and her routine.

The first thing that we learned was that Emma gets up really early and starts her day with some meditation. She incorporates the use of crystals into her meditating too.

Given that she’s an actress, it’s no surprise that she is always on the go, traveling the world and working hard. When in front of the camera, she’s always wearing makeup and when off camera, she’s almost never wearing it. According to the research we’ve done, it seems like she believes in letting her skin breathe whenever possible. We could not agree more with her, seriously.

So, although Emma Roberts is, in fact, a skin care product junkie, not all of them are super expensive. However, this actress isn’t shy about admitting that she’ll try just about any product to achieve her desired look. We love adventurous people, so she’s scored extra points in our book for that!

As far as products are concerned, there are some that she has in her arsenals such as sheet masks (not to be confused with a butt mask), face mist, and cleansing towelettes. When traveling, Emma will use the Charlotte Tilbury Revolutionary Instant Magic Facial Dry Mask which runs roughly $22 and she claims that this is a lifesaver when flying on a plane.

In order to avoid from having her skin become dry, she uses something called the Amorepacific Moisture Bound Skin Energy Hydration Delivery System which costs about $35. A few pumps of this face mist and she’s back in action.

Millions of people across the country use this economical cleansing product. Yes, I’m referring to the Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes. She brings these on the plane because it makes removing makeup very easy. I think Kim K uses these too.

I can’t possibly leave out the hand cream. She gets her nails done by a girl named Jenna Hipp and never leaves home without Jenna hand cream. For a short $25 you can have this cream as well.

Last but not least, there’s the blood cream moisturizer by Dr. Barbara Sturm. Full disclosure, this is not cheap. It’s going to cost your $920 for one jar. Yes, you read that correctly, $920. So you might have to save up for this cream. Emma swears by it, but I’m sure you can find something more reasonable or affordable if your wallet can’t take the hit. What’s most important is that you do something about it.

Well, with those simple skin tips from Emma Roberts, you should be well on your way to achieving nice looking skin, jet-setting or not.

Have any insider information on some celebs and their skin care or beauty treatments? Great, then contact us, please! We want to get the full scoop on everything these celebs are doing to stay young looking.

Emma Roberts Dishes Out Some Skin Care Tips (To Travel With)
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