Egg White Mask

Egg Whites have been talked about for years when it comes to health and wellness. They are an excellent source of protein and millions of Americans prefer egg whites over whole eggs today, even when it comes to caring for their skin. An egg white mask is just one of the many all-natural options that most of us have at our disposal. They’ve been known to fight acne, reduce lines around the mouth, wrinkles and even rejuvenate the skin. Yes, I’m talking about applying an egg white mask to your skin.

egg white mask
Bowl of egg whites before being mixed into a froth.

Egg White Mask: Why Is It So Popular?

If you are not the type to get your hands dirty then you’re in luck. You can choose to have them professionally done at a beauty salon or you can take the DIY route and make your own. Both methods are said to be pretty effective when it comes to fighting nasty skin problems. Some folks have asked why it’s so good for your skin? Well,  the protein that egg whites contain is one of the purest forms of protein and that packs a mean punch. The improvement in both skin elasticity and tone sets the bar for many manufactured products.

The use of these so-called egg white facial treatments is becoming more popular than ever. Spas and beauty parlor across the globe are offering these treatments due to the benefits. Many people are turning to these masks as a solution for the mere fact that they do not contain harsh chemicals or acids that can be harmful to your skin. Many people with sensitive skin are choosing to use egg white masks versus products with retinol, alpha hydroxy acid and salicylic acid. However, you should never begin to incorporate a new skin care treatment into your routine until you’ve completely researched the impact of the treatment.

Mask Ingredients

If you haven’t caught on by now, an egg white mask is primarily made from one simple ingredient, raw egg whites. Once the eggs are cracked, the yolks are typically separated from the whites. The remaining whites are what make up the natural mask you are going to be applying to your skin. That’s just the first step, the egg whites then need to be mixed rapidly until a white foam appears. The white foam is what is applied to your face. Most people keep the mask on their skin until the mask dries. Once the mask has completely dried, they wash away the mask and as a result, the skin looks smoother with a nicer tone.

Why It Works

I briefly mentioned that eggs contain protein. Well, some individuals may question how a simple, all-natural product can be so beneficial for one’s skin. The answer to that is quite simple. Eggs contain both protein and collagen. These are both very common ingredients that many manufactured products contain. Both have been known to dramatically improve the life of one’s skin battling inflammation, lines, and wrinkles. They do both serve their own purposes, though.

They do both serve their own purposes. Protein does a wonderful job at improving skin elasticity. If you want to reduce the chances of wrinkles appearing on your skin, then you need to feed your skin adequate, high-quality protein.

Collagen plays another role. The collagen in the egg white mask helps better fill in any lines that may be present on your skin. It also helps fill in the wrinkles.  However, I’m  not going to steer you wrong here. I want you to understand that collagen in the egg white mask is not something that will yield long term results. Reason being, the collagen isn’t able to penetrate the skin and so the results are only temporary.

Fair warning to those that have sensitive skin. If you’re one of the individuals that have skin sensitivity then I advise you to proceed with caution when applying egg white masks. Egg whites contain a significant amount of vitamin A and the vitamin has been known to increase skin sensitivity and even cause breakouts. It would be in your best interest to speak with your local dermatologist before applying any egg white masks to your face if you’ve had issues in the past.

Professional or At-Home Treatment

If you are one of the millions of people thinking about incorporating an egg white mask into their skin care routine, you are in luck.  There are many masks for at home use that you can use ASAP.  In fact, there is a strong seller on that I’ve linked you to below.

Where to Buy an Egg White Mask: – SkinFood (Must See!)

egg-white-pore-maskThe other option is to make your own at home. If you decide to do this I want to stress that you can make mistakes here. If you find a recipe that calls for additional ingredients then I urge you to stay away from it! Adding ingredients such as cornstarch, lemon, and other citrus fruits can really wreak havoc on your skin. Keep the potential side effects to a minimum by starting with the basics and that’s it. Seeking some level of professional help will likely reduce the risk of any negative side effects that can occur. Just go see a specialist instead.

Side Effects

Speaking of side effects, applying a simple egg white mask can do things to your skin that you never thought they would. For example, egg whites can really clog your pores if you are not careful. They can also cause bad breakouts if your body isn’t used to them.

Another thing to worry about is the potential exposure to salmonella. Raw eggs can contain this bacterium and you want to do your best not to ingest any raw egg whites. Another side effect that you might have from the mask is irritated skin with redness. Your skin can also become dry.

There are only two potential ways to avoid any of the side effects. The first would be to not get the egg white mask and they second would be to seek advice from a professional before applying the mask to your skin.

Egg White Mask
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