Egg Cream Masks Are A Hot Skin Care Trend


If you have been reading my articles for any amount of time you will know that I hate eggs. Yes, it is weird and it is not something that I can easily explain. I am an obsessive cook. I make a great pecan pie. But I never make an omelette or even a quiche.

Making a Mask Out of Eggs?

With that said, I am still a skin care writer and I am more than aware of the new hot skin care trend of egg based products. Like other hot skin care trends coming out of Korea, eggs sound weird but it has become a focal point ingredient and there are companies that now have entire lines of egg based skin care products.

Some of these popular products include an “egg mousse cleanser”, “egg facial mask” and even an “egg body oil”. I almost forgot about the most popular one. That is the “egg cream sheet mask”. This product requires hand mixing. Don’t let that scare you though.

Egg Face Cream Mask

So the first egg based skin care product that I tried was the the facial cleanser. It was like washing my face with a cloud. Literally speaking it had a sweet and milky smell to it and not really eggy, which was great. The creamy lather was super luxurious. I don’t know if I can go back to a regular foaming face wash.

Following this I moved to the egg body oil. This was insane. After rubbing it in to my skin it transformed before my eyes to a decadent oil. You can’t forget to shake this product before using it. There is no way that I am going back to using one of those greasy body oils again. This is a true egg cocktail that contained several different botanical oils like olive and avocado to name a few. It also had a pinch of milk extract and honey.

Finally I got to try the egg cream facial mask. First I cleansed with my facial skin with my Bellapulse, and then just like I did with the foaming cleanser, I took a single pump of the solution and started to lather. Boy was it a rich lather. After only a few minutes my skin was completely hydrated yet still so silky smooth just like I want it to be. The real beauty secret here is the egg white combo, which works hard to control excess oil, and the highly nourishing egg yolks.

This facial cream had a rich custard smell which was very pleasant. When I rinsed it off it actually felt like raw eggs on my fingers which was a little weird but not unpleasant. I found out later by doing some follow up research that eggs have been heralded for hundreds of years for their healing properties. So it makes sense that using eggs in a face mask will help nourish your skin.

Egg Based Skin Care Products

Egg whites are rich in protein, and are a natural source of collagen. This helps reduce inflammation in the skin. It also helps to temporarily diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Finally, egg whites help maintain skin elasticity at optimal levels. Because eggs contain so many essential fatty acids and vitamins they make for a great hydrating agent. Vitamins A and E are used to fend off free radicals, which are the major symptom of age.

So while I don’t like eggs as food, I’m certainly not adverse to using them as a skin care product because of their numerous benefits. All I want is better looking skin and if you want instant results you need to get serious with topical solutions and right now it looks like one of the best ones are egg based skin care products.

Egg Cream Masks Are A Hot Skin Care Trend
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