Eben Naturals: Another Doomed Skin Care Company Targeting A Micro Niche


I don’t really care much about Eben Naturals, but I’m getting sort of tired of seeing the same stuff pop up over and over again. I’ve covered so many micro niche skin care brands here that I have lost count awhile ago. Eben Naturals is another one of these. A Kickstarter startup targeting people with a dark complexion (here is another one doing the same thing). I am not sure how big this market really is but my guess is it is quite small and it has unfavorable demographics.

People with dark complexion always want to look lighter, so the really money is in skin lightening and brightening products. Skin care products with hydroquinone sell well. Although it is considered to be a mild carcinogenic. Eben Naturals thinks it is wise to promote and encourage people to embrace their natural dark skin tone. A noble idea on the surface but not one that is likely to be profitable. This is just paddling upstream as far as I’m concerned.

eben naturals
Typical private label skin care products from Eben Naturals

How Did Eben Naturals Get Featured In The Miami Herald?

Somehow Eben Naturals got featured in the Miami Herald. In the article, the CEO Milain David is bragging about being approved by Amazon as a seller. This isn’t much of a feat. You can sign up for Amazon in a few minutes and start selling your skin care products online. He thinks they will get brand awareness on Amazon, but this isn’t even true and shows how inexperienced he is. Amazon does not promote your skin care products. It is just one channel people may look to buy them. But if nobody has heard of Eben Naturals, and I never have before reading the article in the Miami Herald, so selling on Amazon is futile.

Eben Naturals is looking to raise a “seed round” which is funny because it is an unknown brand with no sales to speak of. They brag about their “brand identity” but it is literally a ghost online. You can Google it to see for yourself. It barely even exists. Who is going to invest money into this brand? The CEO has a mentor named Jacques Cohen who is supposedly guiding him and has told him that the category isn’t crowded. I got news for you, it is super crowded. And it isn’t a good market to begin with.

The advisor says that advertising can be done very economically through social media. He clearly knows nothing about skin care products, unless he thinks $5 a click is economically viable. It really isn’t for a startup. This is a huge money pit and anybody who invests in it will likely lose their money. The bottom line is that anybody with $20,000 to invest can now private label an entire line of skin care products. And I’m seeing a new brand every day. Then I see them the next day at the liquidation sites. Save your money folks, don’t get in to the skin care business.

Eben Naturals: Another Doomed Skin Care Company Targeting A Micro Niche
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  1. Dear Mr Moscoe,
    I found your article pretty interesting. I think that David Milan is getting all of this pres because he is backpacking on an existing brand which has been around for over 18 years and has been featured in the Herald, Dallas Morning News, Essence Magazine, NBC6 and other medias called Ebene Naturals (http://ebenenaturals.com/Press_ep_42.html). Milan is puling off the biggest brand infringement scheme that I have ever seen. I have contacted Ebene Naturals after reading an article about Eben Naturals and assumed that it was them, and made them aware as I have used Ebene Naturals products for years.