EB5 Facial Cream

If facial creams are your thing, then you’ll want to learn all about the brand EB5. For those unfamiliar, EB5 is a skin care line that focuses on creating anti aging products. They’ve been creating these products for decades and it seems like loyal reader from across the world have been buying them for just as long. The company prides itself on being a company that produces skin care products which actually work. I know, that sounds a bit ridiculous but facts are facts, right. Believe it or not, there are some skin care companies that strictly exist to get your credit card information and scam you out of your money. It’s sad but it’s the honest to god truth.

The good news is that EB5 seems to be very genuine in their statement and the product reviews speak for themselves. The company currently develops and sells a line of products which help treat mature skin. If you take a closer look at the specific products, you’ll likely come across some things such as face creams, toners, cleansers, and other treatments which help fight or slow the aging process down.

This brand actually has a unique three-step skin care routine which seems to be popular amongst many consumers. However, the EB5 facial cream is touted as being their best.

eb5 facial cream

More Information About EB5

This company dates all the way back to more than fifty years ago. That’s how long ago things started for EB5 skin care. The company was founded by an individual named Pharmacist Heldfond. This Pharmacist kicked things off with a facial cream product that eventually morphed into the EB5 facial cream that exists today. The cream was originally created to help treat patients with burns on their body. The cream is odorless and is helpful in delivering the medications required to help improve the skin condition of these burn victims.

The initial treatment of these burn victims had lead the pharmacist to discover that the cream also helped improve the appearance as well as the texture of skin that hadn’t been burned. It was from that day forward that the cream was no longer known as simply being a treatment for burn patients but for all no matter what type of skin condition they were dealing with. The brand name quickly sprouted from the core vitamins involved which are vitamin E and vitamin B5.

Fast forward to today, EB5 is a skin care line that’s considered to be a high-quality brand producing scientific grade products to slow down the aging process. These products are jam-packed with lots of ingredients. You’ll find antioxidants, vitamins, plant botanicals, propylene glycol, mineral oil and more. All the ingredients have been included in the formulas to help improve the health of your skin.

The Products

If you take a look at the company website, you’ll quickly realize just how many products this brand manufactures and sells today. At first glance, I’d have to say that they have close to 30 products available for purchase on the website. As you can see, the brand has expanded widely over the years. However, they’ve not replaced or gotten rid of the classic facial cream. They still offer this for sale on the company website and it’s a strong seller today.

As for the company and their other products, they focus mostly on their three-step system. The system is a simple routine which requires the use of a few products in order to provide the skin with essential vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals that it needs to look and feel healthier. Incorporating this three-step routine into your skin regimen can help rejuvenate your skin.

Step 1: AHA Cleansing Cream Lotion

The first step of the EB5 routine requires the use of the Exfoliating AHA Cleansing Cream. The cleanser is said to help give the skin a deep cleaning while at the same time, nourishing and moisturizing the skin. This AHA cleanser is different from the common cleansers that you might be familiar with. Thee EB5 cleanser does not rob the skin of nutrients and it keeps things well moisturized. The cleanser is sulfate free, oat-based, and contains lactic acid.

Step 2: Anti Aging Toner

The anti aging toner has a specific role. It’s meant to help balance things out from an oil production perspective. The toner is also said to help reduce the size of your pores as well. This toner is different from the traditional skin toners out there on the market. The EB5 toner doesn’t contain alcohol so it won’t dry the skin out like traditional toners tend to do. This toner actually contains vitamin E and glycerin as well as cucumber extract, algae, and sage. All these ingredients help improve the condition of your skin. This happens through moisturization and sebum control.

Step 3: Intense Moisture Anti Aging Facial Cream

This is the signature product that EB5 is known for producing. Everyone is basically a huge fan of this product due to all the healthy ingredients that it contains such as oat kernel, vitamin E, vitamin B, comfrey root and more. Through reducing inflammation, stimulating skin cell production, and increased moisturization, this product is the icing on the cake that makes you look and feel young as can be.

Third Party Reviews

If you take the time to research EB5 online, you’ll notice that almost all of the reviews are positive. It’s very uncommon for a skin care company to have almost no negative reviews. That holds especially true when you’re dealing with a company that’s been around as long as this one has.

Purchasing Products

The company makes it very easy to purchase products directly from the company website. There is virtually no reason at all to attempt to purchase this brand outside of the official website.

As far as shipping is concerned, the company ships products in a very timely manner. In fact, their turn around time is 24 hours within the United States. If you’re looking to purchase this but you live overseas, sorry but you’re out of luck really.

The company does accept returns if you’d like to do so but you’ll have to pay for the shipping to return the product. You must provide proof of purchase in order to collect a refund and it must be within 30 days of making a purchase.

Ask A Professional First

While the products sound exceptional and very safe to use, it only makes sense that you reach out to a professional before using them on your skin. When you do decide to use them, I strongly advise that you test your skin first before applying the products to a large area on your skin.

EB5 Facial Cream
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