Eating Chocolate Prevents Wrinkles (According To Study)


Do you want to look younger? Of course, you do and I’m sure you’re going to love what I’m about to share with you. Eating chocolates prevents wrinkles! That’s right, you can officially work chocolate into your skin care regimen, maybe…

Eating Chocolate Is Good For Your Skin

Chocolate Prevents Wrinkles So Start Eating

We spend many days of our lives wishing for an excuse to eat chocolate. Turns out we might have an excuse now. According to an article recently published in, one of the active ingredients in chocolate is said to have super anti aging powers. The key ingredient in chocolate is the cacao bean. Good news for you, the cacao bean has some awesome phytochemicals that also protect against certain diseases according to

So, you’re wondering how all this is possible? Glad you asked! According to researchers, it’s possible that the cocoa extract may be able to protect your skin from acquiring wrinkles and dark spots. They do this by keeping the dermal matrix from breaking down. That breakdown is one of the reasons that wrinkles are acquired to begin with. Well, that and too much exposure to the sun.

I should also mention that cacao beans may also help increase your blood flow and hydrate your skin.

Now, I figured it was only appropriate for me to share a few fun products that you can make from pure chocolate. There’s no better way than to start your weekend with a chocolate surprise!

Chocolate pudding

Granola Bars

Fudge – This my favorite choice of all items mentioned.


Amaze-balls (also known as healthy truffles)

That’s just the beginning of the list. There are plenty of other things that you can make as well. If you’re running short on time, you can always add some cacao powder into your diet in some of your already scheduled meals.

Enjoy your weekend and start cooking up something with cacao beans to keep those wrinkles away!

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Eating Chocolate Prevents Wrinkles (According To Study)
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