Dry Skin Rules For Guys That You Must Abide By


As guys, we often neglect our skin. I’ll be the first to admit this and I know for a fact that I’m not alone. Also, I’ll be the first to let you know that I get really dry skin. A lot of my guy friends have the same problem and they don’t know exactly how to deal with it.

Well, in an attempt to get your dry skin situation under control, I’ve come up with a list of rules that every guy should abide by. The list is short and to the point. It’s something that you cannot disregard if you want nice looking skin.

dry skin rules for men
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Rules For Guys That Want To Avoid Dry Skin

Unfortunately, sometimes praying for clear skin just isn’t enough. If you are breaking essential rules then you’re going to find yourself in trouble regardless of how much you pray. Here is a list of rules that you absolutely must abide by if you want healthy skin that’s not dry and flaky.

Rule Number One: Stay Hydrated

You are much deeper than you what you show. Guys, if you want to keep your skin looking slicker than rick, you better stay hydrated. I know it might be difficult for some of you but you really should think about kicking the booze (at least during the week). Make an effort to swap the beer and wine for water and your face will be very grateful. In fact, you should be downing a total of two liters of water per day. You don’t need any fancy thermos to drink out of. Just pound a few bottles of water like you pound beer. I know you can do it.

Rule Number Two: Keep It Cool Homie

Hot showers are great for you if you have nerve issues but they are terrible in the event that you want to focus on keeping your skin smooth as butter. The heat literally sucks for your skin. What I mean is that it sucks the moisture out of your entire body and leaves everything dry. Try this for size, turn the nozzle down to body temperature and maybe even just a tad cooler. It’s okay, your skin can thank me later.

Rule Number Three: Keep Your Skin Balanced

Your skin is a bit acidic and soaps are the exact opposite. You need to do your best to keep your skin pH balanced. Don’t overthink this, simply incorporate a pH balanced cleanser to help remove dirt while at the same time balancing your skin back to normal.

Rule Number Four: He Puts The Lotion On The Skin

I know you saw what I did there. Funny, but not really. If your skin is even the slightest bit dry, then you need to incorporate something into your routine that’s going to bring your dry skin back to life. You need to be careful here though because not all moisturizers are even close to the same. Some have more alcohol in them than your drunk uncle that makes a fool of himself every Christmas eve. Find something that’s low in alcohol content that contains SPF and you’re good to go.

Rule Number Five: Don’t Neglect The Neck And Chest

Sure, your face is important but your neck and chest are just as important. You need to put forth as much effort as possible and begin to incorporate some moisturizer on your neck and chest regions. I know, it sounds stupid now but you’ll thank me in 40 years.

Well, those are my rules for all the guys that have dry skin. If you don’t abide by them, you’re only hurting yourself. Do not overthink any of this. Just do it.

Dry Skin Rules For Guys That You Must Abide By
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