Drunk Elephant And Tiffany Masterson Are Taking An Insensitive Approach Towards Skin Care


There are literally new skin care brands being launched and emerging on a daily basis. More often than not, the brands are nothing but private label typically formulated products that have nothing to offer. Sometimes a new brand hits the market that’s actually got something to offer. Today, I’m going to share with you one of those brands. It’s called Drunk Elephant. This is a fairly popular brand that launched in 2012.

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Drunk Elephant products

The creator of the brand, Tiffany Masterson, set out to create a new skin care category which involved the use of the best of the best in terms of ingredients. Steering clear of certain ingredients like essential oils and chemical screens, she decided to focus on formulating products that incorporate proven active ingredients at a higher than using percentage. Full disclosure, Tiffany Masterson is not the only one doing this but she’s one of only a few out there that are dedicated to creating truly potent products. The folks that came up with the Delfogo (22%) Vitamin C Serum are in the same category.

In fact, what she does is avoid most of the ingredients that cause sensitive skin. The way Tiffany looks at these ingredients is that they are insensitive enough to cause issues in consumers. She commonly refers to these ingredients as insensitive ingredients.

According to an article published in Vogue, Tiffany has taken a simple approach with Drunk Elephant, avoiding most synthetic ingredients that can become toxic. She then stripped away all the natural ingredients that frequently led to skin irritation.

The end result is a product line that consists of synthetic and natural ingredients that typically do not cause issues in individual’s skin. For example, she’s taken active ingredients such as Glycolic and L-Ascorbic Acid and has added them at very potent levels. In addition to that, she’s completely cut out fragrances, essential oils and many other ingredients that people like. Instead of focusing on skin that smells good and feels good. She’s focusing on something she refers to “resetting” her skin.

A little bit more about the creator. Based on some of the research that I’ve done, Tiffany Masterson seems to have a real knack for this skin care stuff. I really like her no-nonsense approach to skin and how she’s not afraid to go against the grain. She made an excellent comment in an article that I read recently. I’d never heard anyone refer to certain ingredients this way but I thought it was beyond clever. Tiffany referred to essential oils as “marketing ingredients” and she even stressed their lack of necessity. Instead, she focused on how important it is to incorporate ingredients that work, that is safe and that improve the skin as a whole.

When asked what she would recommend avoiding, Tiffany said that she would strongly advise against the use of essential oils, silicones, fragrances, and chemical screens. I have to say that I strongly agree with Tiffany on this one. I’m going to be taking a closer look into Tiffany and each of the products that she’s created. It sounds to me like she’s taken a stance and is doing her best to be a strong advocate for healthy, insensitive skin! My guess is that Drunk Elephant is going to make even bigger strides than they’ve done already.

Drunk Elephant And Tiffany Masterson Are Taking An Insensitive Approach Towards Skin Care
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