Drew Barrymore Shares Her Worst Skin Issue And An Answer To Help!


We love Drew Barrymore. She just might be one of our favorite actresses on the planet today and not only is she super talented, but she’s a health nut just like us! See, there are some celebrities in this world today who like to keep things private. They prefer to not share insight into their personal life.

Not Drew Barrymore! She’s an open book especially when it comes to caring for her skin! In fact, she’s so into it that she owns her very own beauty line called Flower Beauty. Now, the one great thing about this is that she has the want and ability to try a ton of different skin care products to determine which work best for her. On top of that, she shares all the details with us and we pass that information along to you. What’s not to love!

So, you’re probably wondering what her biggest issue is right? Well, here’s what she had to say…

drew barrymore skin care secrets

Drew Barrymore’s Biggest Skin Issue And Solution!

What does this A-list celebrity struggle with? Well, the same thing just about every other person in this world struggles with. I’m talking about dark under eye circles. Drew explained in one of her latest Instagram posts that “dark circles” are a real issue for her. It’s the dark circles more so than the lines.

Guess what? She found a solution and shared it with the world!

We love the fact that Drew is so open about her skin problems. In fact, we wish that more celebs would open up about their day to day issues that us normal folk struggle with. The solution according to Drew is the, “find a more pigmented eye cream.”

Apparently, the Hollywood actress prefers to use a tinted eye cream versus a clear one. Something that’s pinkish or has a pearl tone typically works better for her skin.

Even better, Drew Barrymore took it upon herself to share beauty Instagram photos as a part of her #beautyjunkieweek. She’s not only spilling the beans with regards to her routine, but she’s also sharing pertinent information about the products that work best for her.

Curious to know what products Drew Barrymore is currently using to try and overcome her dark circles? Well, then today is your lucky day! In a recent Instagram post, she let loose and shared everything you need to know about her dark circles and the products used to rectify the issue.

Drew’s favorite products for eye and dark circle care boil down to just a few products. She’s all about those listed below:

Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Concentrate Matrix – ($69)

Olay Regenerist Luminous Dark Circle Correcting Hydraswirl – ($13)

Caudalie Premier Cru Eye Cream – ($99)

Juara’s Miracle Tea Complete Eye Creme – ($53)

Clinique Even Better Eyes Dark Circle Corrector – ($42)

Those are the products that she claims work the absolute best. Do we disagree? Not in the least bit. However, we do have one more product that we’d like to through into the mix. Have you ever heard of Elite Serum Rx ($45)? It’s an eye and skin serum that Skincare.net stands behind 100%. So between Drew’s suggestions and ours, you should be able to resolve all your dark circle issues with ease.

Oh, and for the record, we think that her best movie was The Wedding Singer (1998), so if you haven’t seen that, then I suggest you do so!

Drew Barrymore Shares Her Worst Skin Issue And An Answer To Help!
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