Drew Barrymore Shares Korean Face Mask Secret On Social Media


We’ve been following a ton of celebrities the past year, all of which put lots of pride and effort into looking their best. Drew Barrymore is one of the many that seems to invest time and money into looking good. She’s all about taking selfies, using beauty products, and trying new treatments that are available to people out there.

While you think that she’d be willing to do just about anything to look her best, there are a few things that Drew Barrymore simply isn’t willing to give a whirl. That’s right, I’m talking about those filler injections and a few other types of procedures. That being said, she’s got to use something that’s going to make her skin look great right? You better believe it! I’m here to tell you what it is…

drew barrymore korean face mask
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Drew Barrymore Reveals Face Mask Selfie On Social Media

The famous actress recently took to Instagram to share a face mask with her fans. Apparently, this is what she uses instead of going to get filler procedures done.

The infamous mask she used – Hanacure. It’s a face mask that you brush on to your face. The mask then dries and tightens all the skin on your face that seems to be sagging.

Not going to lie to you, it’s pretty darn scary looking!

The good news is and according to Drew Barrymore, there is some magic within this mask, I guess because she claims that it made her look, “10 years younger!”

We should’ve known that this was a Korean beauty product given the results that it provides. That’s not to say non-Korean beauty products don’t work. I’m simply implying that Korean beauty products seem to work pretty well and there is a reason why they are so popular today.

Let’s get to the bottom of the mask and learn about the science behind it. The company has a patented technology known as CO2 OctoLift. It’s said to help absorb any impurities that are present on your skin while at the same time pulling your skin tight.

You might be thinking to yourself, “Not another peel off mask.” If so, you’d be absolutely correct, it’s not a peel off mask. That’s what makes it more appealing to consumers. They get to avoid the pain that many mask users constantly complain about when removing the mask.

If you’re looking to try this mask out that Drew Barrymore swears by, then you can give it a shot for as low as $29 on the company website.

Hannacure Korean face mask
Hannacure Starter Pack

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Drew Barrymore Shares Korean Face Mask Secret On Social Media
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