Dragon’s Blood Is The New Celeb Skin Craze


Have you seen Game of Thrones?¬†Daenerys Targaryen is the dragon queen on the show. You might know who she is. If you don’t, do not worry one bit. I’m not referring to her dragons. In fact, I’m talking about a completely different type of dragon’s blood. One that doesn’t come from any mythical fire-breathing beast.

However, what I am referring to does come from the dragon tree. The scientific name of the tree is dracaena cinnabari and it can be found in South America and the Socotra islands.

If you think I’m the only one that knows about the dragon tree and it’s cosmetic powers, you’re wrong. Many celebs, including Kylie Jenner and Lady Gaga are both using and talking about the benefits of the product. Fear not, I’ve decided to do my best to try and lay out some of the most important things that dragon’s blood can do for you.

dragon's blood
Image of a dragon tree.

A Few Reasons Why Dragon’s Blood Is Great For Your Skin

Here are a few reasons why this ingredient is great for your skin and why I suggest looking into using it.

Dragon’s blood basically gives you the liquid facelift effect that you’re looking for and it’s great for those interested in anti aging treatment. It can help plump up your skin and make you look much younger than your actual age. Applying the red sap from the dragon tree can drastically boost your antioxidant intake and even keep away those free radicals from sticking around to damage your body. This is all done through cell rejuvenation, collagen boosting and moisturizing.

Have a ton of acne? Then you need dragon’s blood. The “blood” has a bunch of anti-bacterial properties which can treat any infections on the surface of your skin and even deep within your pores. It is also known to reduce any inflammation and remove some of the redness that can come about as a result of the acne.

Dragon’s blood has great healing powers as well. It’s a great anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antiviral medicine. It can help you treat any wounds from cuts and bruises. It’s also good for healing scrapes, bites, stings, skin rashes and more. The protective barrier helps keep things in place acts as a shield to protect the body from further damage.

Lastly, this has a way of relaxing you and as a result, reducing the amount of stress and anxiety that your body may be feeling. Neither or which are very good for your skin.

If you’re interested in buying a product that contains this, you can pick it up at a number of locations.¬†There are actually lots of products that contain this ingredient. Some of the high-end department stores such as Bloomingdale’s carries products containing dragon’s blood.

You will find many different types of products that contain this ingredient. For example, you might comes across some liquid extract, sculpting gel, night cream and maybe even an up and coming eye cream or serum. The product is also available for purchase online. Next time you see dragon’s blood listed as an ingredient, think twice before you put the product back on the shelf and exit the building.


Dragon’s Blood Is The New Celeb Skin Craze
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