Dr. Singer Creates A Winter Skin Care Guide


If you live in sunny San Diego, CA then you probably know who Dr. Singer is and what he specializes in. Dr. Robert Singer is a world-famous plastic surgeon from La Jolla, CA and he’s created the ultimate winter skin care guide to help you better protect your skin during the harsh forthcoming months.

Dr. SingerDr. Singer’s Winter Skin Care Guide [Infographic below]

The guide basically encompasses a simple 5-step routine which includes the use of a cleanser, mask, moisturizer, sunscreen and toner.

Step 1) Cleanse

Dr. Singer recommends that you start with a cleanser. The cleanser should be a gentle cleansing foam or milk and it the primary purpose of the cleanser if to maintain the natural moisture of your skin.

Step 2) Put on A Mask

It’s important that you use a hydrating mask versus an abrasive peel in the winter months. This hydrating mask will help replenish your skin, leaving it moist and smooth as can be.

Step 3) Toner Time

Drop the alcohol-based toners for the winter months. It further dries your skin out and it’s not helping you in the chilly season. Instead, a non-alcohol based toner will help you further retain moisture.

Step 4) You Need A Moisturizer

This is an extremely important step and Dr. Singer hit the nail on the head here. He suggests using a water-based moisturizer during the winter months instead of using a typical oil-based moisturizer. The reason for making the switch is that the water-based moisturizer penetrates your skin deeper during the winter.

Step 5) Sunscreen Protection

The last step recommended by Dr. Singer is to apply sunscreen in order to further prevent any sun damage or wrinkles. He actually suggest that you apply this year-round as the winter months simply are not enough. While the sun can be a lot stronger during those cold icy months, it’s just as damaging in the summertime. Best practice is to protect yourself year round from the sun.

What Qualifies Dr. Singer?

That’s a simple question to answer, Dr. Singer has been engaged as a beauty artist, helping literally thousands of individuals in the Southern California area since 1976. He’s a world-renowned surgeon specializing in facelifts in the San Diego area. Now I’m obviously not saying that I recommend getting surgery as a fix to your skin problems. What I’m saying is that he has experience and plenty of credibility so I suggest that you spend a few minutes digesting the guide provided below.

Here’s a link to the infographic that was provided courtesy of Dr. Singer. Feel free to visit the link and download it for further viewing. If you like it, share the post with your friends and family as well.

Not sure which products to start using? I know, it can be quite overwhelming with all the different types of skin care products out there. We’ve put a lot of time and energy in weeding out those which should be avoided and the real winners of the industry. I’d suggest you check out a few of our product reviews to find out what we recommend. Of course, you could always reach out to Dr. Singer directly but why do that when in just a few clicks you can have all the information you need right at your fingertips! Lastly, the most important thing to know here is that you actually do something today. Do not wait! Delaying any action only causes more damage.

Dr. Singer Creates A Winter Skin Care Guide
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