Dr. Shills Black Peel Off Mask Might Be The Most Painful


Think of every single do-it-yourself at-home treatment that you can. Do any of them include a black peel off mask? If not, I guarantee they will won’t after you have finish watching the video listed below. I know what you’re thinking, how could a DIY face mask be painful? Well, I’ll be the first to say that I’m never ever going to attempt getting this treatment.

Screenshot of girl removing black peel off mask by shills
Screenshot of girl removing Shills Black Peel Mask On Twitter. @Cachet___

A girl by the name of Cachet Raynor decided to purchase and apply Dr. Shill’s Peel Off Mask. She wasted no time in sharing her reaction with the world. Actually, she wasted exactly 60-minutes. After applying the black peel off mask that Raynor had purchased online, she decided to remove it in front of everyone. I guess there is just no beauty without pain!

It wouldn’t be right for me to talk about a brand without filling you in on the details it. However, I couldn’t find a gosh darn thing about the product other than a few retail locations. This is almost unheard of given that this is the skin care industry. Common practice is to simply do a search online for any skin care product known to man and have it pop up on page one.

At any rate, I think you should take the time to watch the video posted above and think twice before buying a product without doing your research. That holds especially true if you are thinking about using a black peel off mask made by Shills but just in case here is where you can buy it.

Shills Black Mask

Dr. Shills Black Peel Off Mask Might Be The Most Painful
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