Dr. Rebecca Kleinerman Wants You To Wear Eye Creams


There are lots of specialists in the skin care industry. Doctors and dermatologists from all over the world have their own personal beliefs on product use. Dr. Rebecca Kleinerman is one of them and she’s a firm believer in using eye creams on a daily basis. In fact, I’d go as far as saying that she believes that it’s a necessity if you want to remain youthful looking.

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Another thing that seems to believe in is only using products for what they’re intended to be used for. While many consumers think that they can get the same benefit out of using a basic anti aging cream around their eyes, some know better than to think like that.

For example, according to Dr. Rebecca Kleinerman, a NYC dermatologist, some products such as night creams may actually contain ingredients that can irritate the skin around your eyes.

Most night creams contain alpha hydroxy acid and retinol. Both of which have been known to really irritate the eye region.

Another difference in formula structure between night creams and eye creams is that amount of oil as well as the thickness. According to Business Insider, eye creams are commonly formulated to be thicker and more oily. They often need more oil due to being very prone to dryness, fine lines, wrinkles, saggy skin and more.

When choosing an eye cream to help eliminate those pages under your eyes, you’ll want to choose something that sensitive but packs enough of a punch to fight off that ugly look. You’ll want to incorporate products that contain a form of retinoids. This will help protect your skin and keep it from drying out.

Dr. Rebecca Kleinerman Wants You To Wear Eye Creams
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