Dr. Phil’s Wife, Robin McGraw Launches Skin Care Line


Everyone living in the United States knows who Dr. Phil is and most people also know who is wife is. Her name is Robin McGraw and she’s now  beginning to make a name for herself in the skin care industry. What many don’t realize is that she’s a very busy woman. Consumed with being a mother and grandmother, she’s now even busier with the launching of her skin care line, Robin McGraw Revelation. Find out what sparked her interest in creating the line and what she plans on doing moving forward.

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Robin McGraw Revelation Lifestyle Skin Care Brand Launches

Dr. Phil’s wife recently launched this skin care line and it all was because of her late mother, Georgia Jameson. Her mother was a strong advocate and inspiration behind Robin’s foundation. Her foundation is one that helps individuals that have been victims of sexual assault and domestic violence. Robin’s mother, is whom inspired her to start this line. Unfortunately, it was due to her death. I guess it sparked some sort of “revelation” in her to put herself first and take care of herself. That’s exactly why she’s named it “Revelation.”

Robin McGraw and Dr. Jessica Wu, MD have collaborated and created all of the products with the skin care line. Ironically enough, Georgia is the somewhat responsible for building the connection between Robin and Dr. Wu. See, Robin had inherited a skin condition from her mother. and it was all due to one that she has been fighting for her entire life. She has something called folliculitis which is a condition that effects parts of her face, particularly the chin region. Keep in mind, this is just one of the many issues that people have to deal with. A friend recommended that she see Dr. Wu and the rest is history.

Dr. Wu has a successful dermatology practice in Los Angeles, California. Between her successful practice and Robin’s social reach, they are bound to build a successful brand. As for the brand, they have a range of 14 products that are priced between $14 and $66. They offer a night cream that might be perfect for winter.

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Available at robinmcgrawrevelation.com

It’s called the Hydra Qwench Moisturizing Night Cream, which contains a popular product called squalene. If you’re interested in check out some of the products, I suggest you check out the beauty section of her website. You’ll find a brightening serum, night cream, brightening polish, retinol serum, face moisturizer, decollete cream, as well as an eye cream. If you’re one that has a tough time making choices, you can always simply pick up the Daily Essentials package that they offer for roughly $102. I don’t believe she has a low price trial option, like others. If you’re looking for a deal like that, you might as well check this out too.

If you’re still unsure about the products and you’re looking for other options, take five minutes to browse this page, it might help you make a decision.

Dr. Phil’s Wife, Robin McGraw Launches Skin Care Line
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