Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Peels (Review)

Guess what, aging sucks! There’s really no other way to put it. The main problem with aging is that it’s something not a single one of us can escape. It’s a natural process that will eventually take place, trust me on that. However, there is a that adults can help reduce the effects of aging. One solid option is one created by Dr. Dennis Gross, a very famous dermatologist from New York.

The Dr. Dennis Gross skin care brand offers a product line which consists of various skincare products. These products are intended for adults only and they help with treating many of the most common skin conditions/issues. Of these products, the anti aging peels are the most popular for sure.

Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha PeelsAbout The Alpha Beta Peels

What are these peels exactly? These peels are specifically designed to fight the basic aging signs. You know, the fine lines, wrinkles, enlarged pores, uneven skin tone and the uneven skin texture. The Alpha Beta Peels are combination peels, containing the alpha and beta hydroxy acids which help with the aging issues.

The peels available by Dr. Gross are the same version that is offered by the doctor in his office. The only difference is that these are the at-home version. Sure, a visit to the local dermatologist office and a professional peel treatment can do just about anyone good for the skin. The question is whether or not the at-home peels are as effective? If you’re curious about this, then just keep reading to find out.

Skin Type and Various Peel Treatment Options

The Alpha Beta Peels are intended to be used on all skin types. However, there are three versions of the peels: the Universal Daily Peel, Ultra Gentle Daily Peel, and the Extra Strength Daily Peel. The main difference between the three versions is the acid content.

  • The Alpha Beta Universal Daily Peel contains five acids that should be used by first-time users and for all skin types.
  • The Alpha Beta Ultra Gentle Daily Peel is made with only three acids that should be used by people with sensitive skin. There are other ingredients that soothe the skin, like colloidal ointment.
  • The Alpha Beta Extra Strength Daily Peel contains seven acids that give accelerated results, but even with this combo of acids, it is still safe to be used at home without any issues or a lengthy

Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Acids

The main active ingredients in these peels are the alpha and beta acids. These are exfoliating acids that affect the layer of dead skin cells, which basically helps to speed up the shedding process. As a result of doing so, you’ll be cleaning your skin and unclogging your pores. You should plan on the texture of your skin improving quite a bit as well.

You’ll find that lactic acid is in each and every peel. The lactic acid is in all three peel products, which I’d say is one of the most popular and effective acids that are used for these types of treatments. The lactic acid breaks things down, helping the dead skin cells shed more easily. The lactic acid will also help hydrate your skin.

Glycolic Acid

Another AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) that is found in the Alpha Beta Peels is the glycolic acid. This acid treats the skin, fixing the tone, reducing the fine lines and getting rid of the dullness. What’s super important about these AHAs used in these peels is the size of the acid molecules. The AHAs with smallest molecules get absorbed a lot quicker, producing faster results.

The glycolic acid used in the Alpha Beta Peels has the ability to stimulate the production of collagen. This is visible too. You’ll notice that the outer layer of your skin will thicken. This will help your skin to become smoother and the wrinkles will eventually disappear.

Salicylic Acid

Another acid found in the Alpha Beta Peels is a salicylic acid which is a BHA (beta hydroxy acid). This acid is effective for removing the oils from within the skin, as well as removing any impurities. You’ll find that this has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties too. The BHA dissolves keratin, removing dead skin cells quickly, leaving smooth, refreshed skin behind and nothing more.

How To Use It

The Alpha Beta Peels by Dr. Dennis Gross are meant to be used every day, once a day. The treatment should be done in the morning or in the evening. The peels come in Two-Step pads. The Step-One pad is to be used on none other than clean, dry skin by gently applying it in soft, circular motions until the pad is completely dry.

After taking a two-minute break, the Step-Two pad is used in the same way until this pad also feels dry. There is no need to rinse between the steps, but be sure to protect your eyes and avoid contact at all costs.

I should also mention that since the peels exfoliate deep in the skin, you must be sure to put on adequate sunscreen that will provide adequate protection from harmful environmental factors.


The Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Peels have received 4 out of 5 stars from a number of users. The most common reviews are stating that the Ultra Gentle Peel is effective for cleaning sensitive skin. The different products will provide different experiences and slightly different effects. Overal, they are effective and solid products worth buying.

The Alpha Beta Extra Strength and the Universal Alpha Beta Peels deliver stronger effects and in spite of this, the peels don’t dry or irritate the skin. Many users have verified that significant and fairly noticeable results can be seen in about couple of weeks.

The final conclusion is simple: Yes, the Dr. Dennis Gross Peels are very effective and deliver as promised. If you have more questions or concerns, then I suggest checking out the official website here. Oh, and don’t forget to check out all the other reviews written on the Internet.

Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Peels (Review)
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