Dr. Denese Skin Care Review

There is an over abundance out there in terms of skin care brands. Many consumers that search regularly for skin care products will eventually come across the Dr. Denese skin line. There are plenty of consumers that swear by this brand while others out there don’t have the nicest things to say about it. What’s most important is that you’re taking the time to educate yourself on the brand and everything it has to offer.

According to the company and many so-called experts out there, the site is actually considered a viable solution for those focusing on reducing the aging of your skin. It’s been said that this slowing of the aging process is because they use many active ingredients that work well to combat aging issues.

The company spokesperson is none other than Dr. Denese. She is a doctor that has dedicated most of her adult life to improving people’s skin and making a breakthrough discovery at the Medical College at Cornell University. Although many people praise Dr. Denese and her work, the products may not be the best option for you. It really depends on your personal skin care needs. The best approach would be to consult with a local dermatologist and determine if her products are right for your condition or ailments.

dr. denese reviewsHere’s How Dr. Denese Products Improve Your Skin

The skin care products that Dr. Denese has formulated and created work tirelessly to target your aging issues. Each of the products has formulas that contain ingredients such as quality moisturizers and powerful antioxidants. Apparently, these products are also considered to be of greater quality than others due to the fact that they don’t practice something widely referred to as “fairy dusting.”

For those unfamiliar with the term, it’s one that’s used to describe the practice of only incorporating the least amount of product necessary to consider it an active ingredient. Companies do this to give the illusion that it’s chockful of anti aging substances when in fact it’s the bare minimum required to slap it on a label. On a side note, I kind of consider this a legal skin care scamming tactic.

THe end result of this fair dusting is a product with minimal active ingredients that will barely due to its job at best. Products that contain ingredients which have been formulated in this manner are essentially useless if you ask me. All the creams, anti aging serums, powders and whatever other types of products that do this are a huge waste of both time and money.

The good news is the Dr. Denese products do not practice this type of thing. According to the company, they claim to add as high as three times the typical industry minimum in terms of active ingredient inclusion. Speaking of ingredients, I’ll go over some of those which are most common. In order to do that, I’ve got to cover some of the popular products that consumers buy.

The Products and Ingredients

There are a variety of ingredients that are used throughout the Dr. Denese line of products. I’ve done my best to cover a few of the more popular products below.

HydroShield Body Serum РThis product is said to help slow and diminish the signs of aging through heavy moisturizer use. The body serum contains things like linoleic acid, clover flower extract, aloe barbadensis extract, and lecithin. All of these ingredients are said to do different things such as condition the skin, moisturize it, reduce inflammation and irritation, and more. This serum costs about $40 and can be purchased from the website.

Hydrating Cleanser – The cleanser is a product that helps work out dirt and grime from your skin. If you’re wearing makeup and exposing yourself to harsh conditions, then you’ll likely want to look into using this product. it helps clear the skin up without dehydrating it which most other cleansers tend to do. The product contains ingredients such as glycerin, barbadensis extract, retinyl palmitate, and hydrolyzed wheat protein. You can purchase this product on the site for $23.

HydroShield Eye Fix Upper Eye Lid Care – Some people have issues with skin becoming loose in their upper eye lid region. When it becomes loose, it begins to sag quite a bit. This product helps reduce the sagging and essentially stop it from occurring. You’ll find ingredients such as glycerin, vitamin E, peptides and rosemary extract in this product. It costs a low $23 for those interested in purchasing the product.

Firmatone Retinol Eye Serum – The eye serum contains retinol as the main ingredient. This ingredient has been known to be used in almost every effective eye serum on the market today. The product is said to assist with the removal of wrinkles that exist around the eyes. What happens is the skin begins to shed as you apply the product and over time this encourages quicker cell turnover. The skin shedding process definitely helps exfoliate and results in nice-looking skin around the eye and under eye region. This product also contains vitamin C, peptides, capric triglyceride, and other ingredients which will help your skin look and feel better around your eyes.

Defense Day Cream SPF 30 – This product is a favorite among many customers and it’s often referred to as being the original BB cream. This product delivers both UVA and UVB protection through the application of a luxurious hydrating cream. It uses something known as the Pro Melanin Technology which helps even your skin tone, making you look more youthful.

The Other Reviews

You’ll find that most of the reviews on the Dr. Denese product line are very positive. Some people have complained of products being expired or even fake at times but that’s only due to them purchasing via a third-party seller. Don’t buy from anywhere else other than the company website. Simple as that really.

Side Effects

There are not many side effects that have been reported on this product. Most of the reports only state that fragrance plays a roll in the issues that people have. That’s about it.

If you’re interested the product line, then I suggest giving it a shot.

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Dr. Denese Skin Care Review
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