Dr. Barbara Sturm Review

As the skin care market continues to grow bigger and bigger over the years, it only makes sense that more professionals within the industry are getting involved. People like Dr. Barbara Sturm are now creating products to care to the needs of consumers today. There are plenty of new products as well as newly discovered ingredients that eventually end up in retail stores, spas, dermatologist offices and more.

Given the high demand for new products, it should come as no surprise that Dr. Barbara Sturm has recently become one of the more popular brands used by consumers in the comfort of their own home.

Image of Dr. Barbara Sturm ProductsHave you ever heard of the vampire facial? If so, then you may know that Dr. Barbara Sturm became famous for this non-invasive, non-surgical treatment. There are so many skin care experts/professionals as well as celebs that swear that this is the answer to achieving youthful-looking skin.

But does it really work? that’s the question. What exactly can we expect from using the Dr. Barbara Sturm products and treatments? Fear not, that’s why we are here…to help answer all your questions. How we do that is quite simple, we dive into the products, formulas and individual ingredients used to determine what’s behind each of them.

More About The Dr. Barbara Sturm

If you’re not familiar with Dr. Barbara Sturm, then you have no idea that she’s played a prominent role in creating skin treatments over the years. The treatments are those of the non-invasive type. If you look deeper into the products you’ll realize that Dr. Barbara Sturm prefers to avoid the full facelift approach and other crazy skin care procedures like that.

Instead, they’ve created products which incorporate technology and powerful ingredients as well as formulas to ultimately create results like no other. They have a number of product lines which they offer of which you can find at places like Nordstrom and other retailers.

The Treatments

Curious to learn about the actual treatments? Then you’re not alone! There’s a full team working with Dr. Barbara Sturm in order to create the wide array of non-invasive, non-surgical treatments. Some of these treatments are those which you likely have no idea what they are. Things like hyperhidrosis, thread lifting, and even facelifts (non-surgical). They go above and beyond those treatments though, providing those which they’ve developed such as Plasmage as well as Ultherapy.

If you’re under eye region is a serious issue, then you’ll be glad to know that they specialize in this actually. With the Plasmage treatment, they are able to fix sagging issues through the use of plasma. This helps to rejuvenate the undereye region. The treatment is able to provide results almost instantly, lifting the skin around your upper eyelid giving you the youthful look you’ve been trying to achieve.

The other treatment that they provide is the Ultherapy. This treatment incorporates the use of ultrasound as it treats the deep layers of consumers skin. This treatment works without causing any skin issues typically for those dealing with irritable skin and sensitivity.

All of these treatments are the forefront and backbone of the actual products that this company offers. The company offers a ton of products for women, men, babies, and young kids. The lines are vast with more than 30 product offerings. Things such as creams, serums, supplements, primers, body treatments, creams, cleansers and more. You’ll find that all of these products are showcased on the Molecular Cosmetics website, which is where all the products are listed for sale.

The Products

Now, one thing you need to be willing to do is,¬†spend some serious money. Unfortunately, these products are not cheap. For the most part, you’ll need to spend between $70 and $130. Sure, some of the products are less expensive but far and few between. In fact, they have a Hyaluronic Serum that costs $300 and a Super Anti Aging Serum that costs $350.

Super Anti Aging Serum – This anti aging serum is full of ingredients that help you fight off inflammation, not to mention you’ll find a ton of ingredients that are jam-packed with antioxidants as well. The active ingredients in this are hyaluronic acid, purslane, skullcap, red algae extract, pullulan, and hexapeptide-47.

If you use the serum consistently over a period of a few weeks, you should see positive results. Using the serum is simple. First, wash your hands and face. Once cleansed, pour a dropper full of serum into the palm of your hand and then apply it to your face. If you’re wondering when you should use this, most people use it in the morning and they almost always apply it before and after a flight while traveling.

Face Cream – The Face Cream is a unique cream that works to firm a woman’s face within 24 hours. If you’re looking for a light cream that works great both in the morning and evening, then the Face Cream might be the one for you. As for ingredients, you’ll be happy to learn that this product incorporates the use of squalane, shea butter, vitamin E, purslane, glycerin, sorbitol, corn oil, and skullcap.

Using the Face Cream is pretty simple. Most people use this in the right after they’ve cleaned their face. All they do is apply this cream to their face, neck and decollete area in the morning. Simple as that, really.

Hyaluronic Serum – This might be the most popular product among many of the Dr. Barbara Sturm products. This comes in a 30 mL bottle and costs $300 but it works like a charm. The serum is packed with both long chain and short chain hyaluronic molecules. The serum helps to not only fight off wrinkles but remove those that exist today. It’s well-known for being a booster for your skin. Should you use it on the regular, then your wrinkles should disappear.

As for active ingredients, the product only incorporates three main ingredients, hyaluronic acid, skullcap, and purslane. The best way to use this is to simply apply a small amount of the serum to your clean palm and pat it onto your face. Within 30 seconds, you’ll notice that the serum will be dissolved completely.

Should You Buy Them?

I think it’s a lot of money to spend on skin care products, but some people swear by them. If you’ve got an extra few hundred to spare, then sure, go for it!


Want to learn more about the brand and the creator? Then watch the video below!

Dr. Barbara Sturm Review
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