Don’t Wash Your Face In The Shower! Here’s Why…


We’re all super busy these days. I mean, society couldn’t be moving at a quicker pace than it is now. Does that mean we don’t have time to wash our face other than in the shower? If you do have time, I’m here to tell you don’t wash your face in the shower. It’s not good for your skin. Here are a few reasons why you shouldn’t do it in the shower.

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Washing Your Face In The Shower Is Bad

Reasons You Shouldn’t Wash Your Face In The Shower

Too Much Pressure
We like to think that water pressure is good for us and although it does feel great on our body, too much water pressure can be bad for your face. Too much pressure could possibly be an aging factor if you’re standing under a high-pressure shower while washing your face twice a day every day. Avoid the pressure if you can.

Too Much Heat
A nice hot shower can be really therapeutic. It can put you in a great relaxed mood, leaving you feeling great. That is leaving everything but your face feeling great! A hot shower emits too much heat and heat can really irritate your face. It can even cause your skin to look further damaged and often dehydrated. The Huffington Post mentioned the damaging effects that too much heat in the shower can have. It’s not good even though it may feel good in the moment. Don’t be silly though, focus on the future instead.

Doin’ it and Doin’ It and Doin’ It Too Much
Yes, you guessed it. It can be just as bad for your skin if you over wash your face. When we are in the shower, it’s quite common to over wash certain areas of our body, one of which is our face. Over washing can lead to the stripping of oils and further dehydration. If your skin starts to look very red or sensitive it likely means you’re over washing.

Now that I’ve shared a few reasons why washing your face in the shower is bad, I hope you’ll do your face a favor and give it a break. Remember, I’m not telling you to stop using your favorite face cleansers. I’m just telling you that you should not use them in the shower.

Don’t Wash Your Face In The Shower! Here’s Why…
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