Donald Trump Critiques Celebrities And Their Skin (Must See)


Please, tell me…how many times this year have we read something about Donald Trump and have been left speechless shaking our heads? Well, I hate to say it, but Donald seems to have done it again. You guessed it, he is offending people left and right. This time, it’s because of their skin.

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Trump makes offensive remarks about famous women’s skin

Donald Trump Bashes Celebrities For (What He Feels Are) Skin Flaws

It didn’t take long for me to come across some more news on Donald Trump making ridiculously offensive remarks. This time, he’s going after famous celebrities and role models. Some of these people are looked at in the public eye as being close to flawless in every shape or form. Apparently Donald Trump disagrees.

A YouTube content producer named Andrew Kaczynski recently put together a compilation of comments that Trump made when talking about various famous females. The video was put together from an interview that was conducted on the Howard Stern show.

I put in some effort to research some of the interview topics and as far as I know, I don’t think Donald Trump has any professional medical training to call out some of the skin problems these top celebrities might have.

It’s a bit ironic don’t you think that Donald Trump is calling out celebrities that look stunning almost 24 hours a day. I find it ironic given the fact that he honestly could use some eye serum himself to help get rid of those bags under his eyes. I know it’s been a long campaign, but for goodness sake, if you’re going to bash people for having bad skin, you should try and take care of your own.

Donald Trump goes as far as saying that “Jennifer has a little skin problem I would say… little polka dots all over the face,” and he made this comment when referring to Jennifer Lawrence. For the record, Jennifer Lawrence has freckles and they are actually quite common. I don’t think it’s been a huge issue for her and quite frankly I would bet that her freckles haven’t had any type of impact on her career.

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Donald Trump also called out Angelina Jolie, stating “I don’t think she’s got good skin. I don’t think she’s got a great face. I think her lips are too big to be honest with you.”

For some odd reason, Donald Trump keeps showing up in the health and beauty news section of many publications. He was featured twice last month and I’m pretty certain this isn’t the end of the road.

Some of the comments made are just insulting and I think it helps us all realize why so many people are self-conscious about their skin. Let’s hope he doesn’t insult us all in the forthcoming months or god forbid years! Here’s an audio clip of the comments that he made during the interview.

Most importantly, if you’re being picked on for your skin issues, you’ve got to do something about it. First and foremost, you must evaluate the situation and seek professional help to get a second opinion. Second, you’ve got to let them know that you don’t appreciate being insulted. We’ve all be put on this earth to help one another, not to breakdown each other. That said, do something nice for someone you come in contact with. Compliment them on something personal about them and make someone feel better about themselves. Don’t worry, your good deed will come back around your way.

Donald Trump Critiques Celebrities And Their Skin (Must See)
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