Dollar Shave Club Skin Care Ads Will Make You Laugh And Buy


The creators behind the famous Dollar Shave Club have been working their butts off in the studio for their new line, Big Cloud. It should come as no surprise that their commercials a well, shall I say, pretty much perfect. The Dollar Shave team understands exactly how to attract their target market…keep them interested and make them laugh!

Dollar Shave Club skin care commercials
Credit: Big Cloud: Screenshot of their commercial featuring “chapped lips guy”

The company behind the Dollar Shave Club and Big Cloud plan on running the six commercials shown below. I’m sure you’ll get a kick out of one or two of them.

These guys have a unique way of marketing to their customers. They do their best to point out the things that most people do their best to ignore. They want to get to the root of the problems and boldly make you remember some of the worst mishaps that can occur when it comes to poor skin care.

These ads will be pushed to both new potential customers as well as existing Dollar Shave Club subscribers. Needless to say, it will be interesting to see how all this pans out for the company.

Men, this is yet another reason why you need to step your skin care game up. Now, you don’t have to necessarily purchase the products that Big Cloud created, but you’ve got to use something! In fact, a lot of the product lines that we recommend on actually produce skin care products specifically for men. Whatever it is that you do, definitely do not start using your significant others skin products. No, not because they will damage your skin, but more so because they’re going to get very angry once they find out product is disappearing faster than it should.

Dollar Shave Club Skin Care Ads Will Make You Laugh And Buy
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