Dollar Shave Club Launches Big Cloud Skin Care Line


The creators of the Dollar Shave Club are all about that face, bout that face, no stubble, and now they are getting even deeper into the trenches of men’s grooming by launching their latest Big Cloud skin care brand.

big cloud skin care
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Big Cloud Skin Care Line Launch

According to an article published in GQ, the Dollar Shave Club, which is likely known as one of the most widely influential subscription based services for men, has made another attempt to address some of the remaining issues that men today face when it comes to caring for their skin.

The Dollar Shave Club supposedly used all the complaints that they’ve received from their customers to help create the brand. They took all that data from 2.9 million customers and decided to create a brand that will help men protect their skin from the daily complexion struggles many great men face today.

On the contrary to what many skin care companies are doing today, they’ve decided to avoid the plain jane minimalist approach and take a more throwback branding style approach for the new Big Cloud brand. The package looks like something Austin Powers might have brought back during his mission. I know, groovy baby, yeah!

If you’re interested in the specific types of products that the brand has created, here’s a quick rundown for you.

Hand Cream
The hand cream is said to smell like amber and it doesn’t leave any residue like feeling to your skin once applied. It’s more of a powder like feeling that you supposedly get using this product.

Lip Balm
Since most of us guys aren’t into that shiny chapstick look, Big Clouds went ahead and eliminated that greasy, shiny look and feel. They’ve supposedly replaced it with something that has a matte finish. The lip balm formula is said to have a light feel to it.

The moisturizer is said to be somewhat lightweight and has ingredients such as green tea in it. It’s water resistant and contains SPF 25 to fight against those nasty UV rays.

All the Big Cloud products are extremely inexpensive just like the other products that the Dollar Shave Club offers. However, is cheaper always better? I think not! If you really want to go cheap on something that you only get one shot at then by all means go for it. I always look at products and ask myself if the price of the product is too good to be true, and unfortunately, more often than not, it most definitely is.

In fact, there are a few things that I just refuse to go too cheap on and that’s anything that has to do with my physique, skin and overall health. There’s a price to pay for not only looking good but being in good shape and feeling good as well. These costs are sometimes just unavoidable but I don’t complain because they will pay dividends in the long run.

Dollar Shave Club Launches Big Cloud Skin Care Line
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