Dollar Shave Club Acquisition In The Works With Unilever


I’ve been following this men’s grooming company for years now. Keeping a very close eye on the Dollar Shave Club and everything they do. No, not because I wish to replicate them but more for the fact that they’ve done so well in this space.

Dollar Shave Club took the subscription model to the men’s skin care industry and changed things forever. They created the most epic commercials we’ve ever seen. Well, things are about to change even more so. The company is finally being acquired.

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Dollar Shave Club Acquisition With Unilever In Motion

The DSC has roots just back to 2011. Not a long time, given the level of success that they’ve had. The company has grown its subscription-based business to over 3 million┬ámembers. The company is no stranger to revenue either. In 2015 they made $152 million and this year they’ve set a path for over $200 million before the close.

Unilever didn’t just acquire Dollar Shave Club. They’ve also decided to take on other DSC skin care brands such Wanderer, Big Cloud, Boogies and One Wipe Charlies. Sure, they are all different products that cater to different needs but one thing remains constant. Each product is specifically manufactured and marketed towards male consumers.

The Dollar Shave Club and Unilever merger have not finalized but it’s set to take place in the near future assuming all necessary regulatory boards approve of the sale. It’s likely to close in 2016 Q3.

What does this mean for emerging brands? It’s tough to say really. Anytime a company with revenue of this stature gets bought, it tends to ruffle the feathers of existing competitors. It will be interesting to see how others react to the news as things progress. All I can say is that if you have a dream, financing and you’re a witty marketer, you too can do the same thing.

Now, I know this piece might not seem personally beneficial or ideal but for those that like to keep track of the skin care industry trends and news, I hope you enjoyed it. If anyone as any further insight or information related to this acquisition, I’d love to hear from you!

Dollar Shave Club Acquisition In The Works With Unilever
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