Dollar Beard Club Releases New TV Ad With Lots Of Celebs


Attracting customers is all about marketing, personas, and perception. If there is one company that knows what they are doing it’s the Dollar Beard Club. They get it and there is so much that new skin care companies can learn from them.

dollar beard club adweek commercial
Dan Belzerian – King of Instagram in Dollar Beard Club Commercial

What Dollar Beard Club Did To Connect With Consumers

In an attempt to attract a broader audience, Dollar Beard Club launched a commercial filled with celebrity influencers such as Richard Sherman and many more. They’ve done so well, AdWeek took it upon themselves to showcase the new campaign as the ad of the day.

According to Beard Club co-founder Chris Stoikos, they’ve been fortunate enough to become friends with not just beard influencers, but celebs and athletes as well.

While many tend to take the more conservative approach, Chris Stoikos has decided to take the other route. You might see him on video punching dudes in the face, using explicit language, chilling with dangerous wild animals and more. Definitely check out the commercial located below to understand what I’m talking about.

It seems as though their objective is to bring together bearded bros of all walks of life, to unite with one commonality, their beard. The commercial features guys like Richard Sherman from the Seattle Seahawks as well as poker player, world class traveler, and “King of Instagram” Dan Belzerian.

Sure, connecting with all of these celebrities isn’t easy and it’s certainly not free. However, those that really want to get ahead within the beard oil market or overall men’s skin care niche need to take this approach. It makes it almost impossible for the new emerging brands to compete with them.

It’s not just about building a great product. It’s about having a high-quality product, great marketing, and something that brings consumers together. That’s the ultimate recipe for success when it comes to promoting and developing any type of skin care product.

The Dollar Shave Club took the same approach and their success literally skyrocketed. They did so well that they recently got acquired by Unilever.

If you’re launching a new brand or product line and you’d like us to help you strategize a marketing plan, feel free to reach out to us. We’re more than happy to help you build your brand. After all, we’re a media company that knows the skin care industry inside and out.

Dollar Beard Club Releases New TV Ad With Lots Of Celebs
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