Does Your Liver Hold The Answer To Perfect Skin?


There’s no doubt about it, people are focusing on healthy food consumption and better digestion more than ever before. Just look at the gross revenue of Whole Foods alone and you can clearly see that people are willing to invest heavily in their stomach. The question is whether or not this can improve their skin.

The short answer is, yes, investing internally matters and it does so a lot. While the liver is often known for taking the brutal punishment you through at it with all that binge drinking, it also plays a prominent role in keeping your skin looking and feeling healthy.

If you are having liver problems and it’s not functioning properly, this can lead to a few things, some of which may be skin problems.

Assuming you’re eating like crap, partying, drinking alcohol, and treating your body with the least amount of effort and respect possible, then you can plan for having bad skin. It’s going to happen and there is no way around it.

A damaged liver can lead to things such as acne, sagging skin, dullness, dry patches, itchy red patches, and so much more. If you’re not trying to keep your liver healthy, then you are doing it all wrong. I hate to say it but that’s the honest truth.

Don’t worry, I’m going to give you some pointers so you know what to expect and when if you decide to shape things up and step your game up.

Liver impacts your skin

How To Save Your Liver (For Your Skin’s Sake)

Optimizing your liver for the sake of your skin is a very wise choice. Here is what you need to know and how to make progress in the healthiest direction possible.

The first thing I’m going to suggest is that you take the time to cut back on the booze. If you find yourself drinking alcohol weekly or daily then you’ve got to make some adjustments. Alcohol is terrible for your liver and it absolutely destroys it, literally. All those toxins flowing through your gut and eventually your liver lead to skin issues. The liver needs to flush out all these toxins and play the filtering role. You can only imagine what happens when too much booze plays a role here.

If you start to feed your body with drugs, shady substances and all types of pollutants, then you best be prepared for your pores to take a beating. When the liver because incredibly congested, it tends to not be able to break down the toxins in a manner that it needs to. Instead, the toxins are then purged from your pores and this is where the acne issues, inflammation, and puffiness comes into play.

If you didn’t know, your liver plays a role in fat breakdown. Assuming that you are working with an overworked liver that’s beat up from substance and food abuse then the liver needs to call on some help breaking down fats. The skin steps in when the liver is slacking in order to break down fat.

This becomes a problem when the skin begins working overtime and doesn’t have time to balance sebum production as it should. When this disruption occurs, it’s common for skin to become inflammed and and the toxin carrying sebum spreads itself all over your skin. The perfect recipe for acne and skin issues all around.

Now, if you’re looking for some other idea to help whip your liver into better shape, then I have a few suggestions for you. Start by eating a diet that consists of raw nuts and veggies. Add in some organic fruits, salads and eat meats that are organic as well. If you’re all about consuming fats, then try to use healthy fats like flax seed oil, coconut oil, and olive oil.

You should also be sure to work in some physical activity such as yoga, cardio, weightlifting and more. Something that releases bottled up tension and stress.

This is exactly where I would start if my skin were in really bad shape. It all starts with putting down the booze.

Does Your Liver Hold The Answer To Perfect Skin?
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