Does Where You Live Have An Impact On Your Skin?


There has been talk for years now about your location impacting your skin. Could it be that true? You bet your bottom dollar it’s true! I’ve got evidence that proves it as well. Find out how impactful where you live matters when it comes to clear and healthy skin.

where you live impacts your skin
Las Vegas causes dry skin

Where You Live Does Effect Your Skin

Let me start by saying that for many years skin care professionals have been arguing about whether or not where you live has a significant impact on your skin. Dermatologists and others have discussed this until everyone is blue in the face. They have bickered over whether or not living in a relatively dry area accelerates wrinkles and the process of obtaining wrinkles.

Well, according to a recently published article, a group of scientists spent time testing these theories in Japan. They wanted to find out whether or not local humidity levels had an impact on individual’s skin, causing it to fold.

I know this probably doesn’t sound like a shocker but the low and behold, those that spent time in dry areas with low humidity had stiffer skin and more noticeable folds in their skin.

What does this mean?

Well, simply put, it means that if you live in a drier climate such as Denver, Las Vegas and other Southwest region locations known for their dry weather then you probably have drier skin than those that don’t. There’s also a good chance that you need to apply more moisturizer and drink more water in order to achieve the same moisturized skin state that others living in less drier locations have.

No, I’m not telling you to pack up everything and move. However, I am telling you that you need to be extremely proactive when it comes to caring for your skin. That’s just making it an even playing field too. If you want to one up the others in your local area, you really need to put forth great efforts and incorporate incredible products if you want incredible skin.

In the event that you do live in these dry areas, we can recommend products and even introduce you to some skin care specialists in the areas that may be able to help you out. Until then, use your products and excuse my language but don’t half ass your regimen.

Does Where You Live Have An Impact On Your Skin?
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