Does Tend Skin Work?

We get a lot of questions pertaining to skin irritation. These days, it seems like so many people are using products and devices that cause razor bumps and other irritations to occur. Tend Skin is one solution that many consumers turn to in order to clear up ingrown hairs and other skin irritations. It’s often promoted as being the end all be all for those looking to clear up razor burns, reduce redness, and fix other issues that come along with having ingrown hairs.

The company claims that the product will help you achieve the unthinkable: smoother skin both before and after shaving, waxing, epilating, and electrolysis.

The question is, “Does Tend Skin really work?”

Let’s find out!

Does Tend Skin Work?My Tend Skin Review

While I like to shed light on some of the facts first, I’m going to take another approach today. Instead, I’d like to share the basic pros and cons of using the Tend Skin Solution.

What’s Good

Here is what many think is good about Tend Skin. Not be lazy about it, but I’m just going to list things out here for you.

  • Absorbs Quickly
  • Fights Inflammatory
  • Widely Used
  • Safe For Both Women and Men
  • No Animal Testing
  • Quickly Reduces Redness

What’s Bad

Now for the bad aspects of this product. Thankfully, there are only a few negative things that people commonly complain about. For the most part, then complain about the strong smell. The second complaint is that the high amount of isopropyl alcohol can really dry out your skin.

Product Details

I like to dive into the product and each of the ingredients, so I’ll do just that. This one contains more than half a dozen ingredients that you’ll be consuming should you plan on using Tend Skin Solution. I’ve covered each of them below so you know what they are.

Isopropyl Alcohol

Yes, this product contains isopropyl alcohol and I’m well aware of the bad rep that this ingredient has. Most people hate using skin care products that contain this ingredient because it causes issues for some folks. If you’ve got oily skin, it can actually help in the short term with degreasing issues. If used over a long period of time, it can cause more harm than good. Just be careful when using this and only work this ingredient in when necessary.


Sounds weird but it’s true. This product contains aspirin also known as acetylsalicylic acid. Up until recently, it wasn’t included in any skin care products. However, now it seems to be an ingredient that many products incorporate into their formulas. It works quite well in skin care products. Aspirin does a great job of breaking down into salicylic acid and as a result, it helps with the exfoliating process.

Butylene Glycol

Next up, butylene glycol which eventually turns into gamma-hydroxybutric acid. This ingredient is commonly incorporated into formulas due to the enhancing that it does on product textures. People with really sensitive skin should avoid this at all costs. It’s a safe ingredient and isn’t harmful otherwise.


This compound is very common amongst many skin care products. You’ll find this in just about every natural fat that exists and it’s helpful when it comes to conditioning your skin. It’s great for combating dry skin and is even naturally found. Most products don’t contain very much of this ingredient, which works out even better for consumers being the case.

Polysorbate 80

This is an ingredient that’s incorporated into the formula to help easily dissolve and mix all the ingredients. It’s FDA as well as CIR approved and works just as it should.


This chemical helps with texture and does its job of trying to make your skin feel smoother and more nourished versus dry. If you’ve got acne scarring then this ingredient may help repair your skin. If you’re looking for a moisturizer, then this is the ingredient which helps with that aspect of things.

Is All This Good Or Bad?

Here’s the skinny on things, aside from the alcohol, all the other ingredients are not harmful at all. In fact, many people see positive results when using Tend Skin. All you need to do is remember to test this on a small area before going big with it.

Where To Apply Tend Skin

If you’re wondering where you should apply the Tend Skin Solution, I’m going to suggest that you apply it to your hands, face, head, neck, legs, groin, chest, stomach, buttocks, underarms and just about any other area you can think of. Basically, any area of your body where hair can be removed, you can apply Tend Skin.

Application Instructions

The best way to use this is to apply the product before and after you’ve removed your hair. You’ll want to start by first exfoliating your body to remove any dead skin cells. Then you’ll want to apply the Tend Skin Solution, remove your hair, then reapply the Tend Skin again.

Doctor’s Note

Do you need permission from a doctor to use this product? Honestly, it’s always best to get permission no matter what product you’re introducing into your daily skin routine. What you need to remember is that you are ingesting each one of these ingredients every time you apply the solution to your skin. Is it harmful? Most likely, no.

However, if you’re pregnant or nursing, then I suggest getting the extra okay from your doctor before applying the product. Assuming they give you the green light to use it, what’s the worst thing that can happen? You end up with a small co-pay and a mind at ease!


The Tend Skin Solution works and it works quite well. Lots of people are advocates of this product and they swear by it. My advice would be to give it a try if you’ve got a need for it. There may be alternative products on the market that accomplish the same thing, but I’m not aware of which they are. Mostly because everyone I know uses Tend Skin.

Does Tend Skin Work?
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