Does Diet Truly Effect Your Skin? Find Out Now!


Are you waking up every morning and crushing a bunch of donuts and Honey Buns? If so, perhaps your skin looks like crap. That’s because your diet plays a major role in the condition of your skin. I know you think I’m full of it but it’s 100% the truth and I’m not the only one that thinks this. In fact, there are dermatologists out there that can prove this is 100% the case.

Remember, your skin does not care whether or not you’re a skin care addict using tons of products or the typical three in one body wash user. Regardless of how you approach your skin care, your health plays a huge role.

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Genetics may have something to do with it but even worse, your diet plays a prominent role in all of this. We all know that eating foods with lots of grease e.g. pizza and burgers can lead to skin issues. But did you know that there are many other foods that cause skin ailments as well?

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For example, some dairy products can make your skin totally go bonkers in a really bad way. So what on earth should you do? Well, you should consider a cleaner and healthier diet. Here’s what you need to think about doing.

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Diet Changes To Kick Your Skin Back Into “I Look Good” Gear

I’ll kick things off with the spicy food chat. If you’re dealing with oily skin and you’re constantly downing spicy foods, then you need to cut them out. Put the hot sauce down and move on to something healthier.

Now, if you’re dealing with acne on a rather regular basis, then maybe it has something to do with the dairy foods you’re eating. Not only that, but high glycemic foods can cause acne as well. So, that said, drop the white bread, instant oatmeal, bagels and even the watermelon if you want to get your skin in acne-free shape.

Another acne fighting group of foods are oysters, chickpeas, and cashews. Why, because they all contain zinc which will help keep your inflammation down.

Are you the type that has insane sugar cravings? The people that crave sweets are the ones that most likely look older than their actual age. It’s a little something called glycation that occurs when you eat like this. Over the long term, glycation causes your skin to sag and wrinkles to develop.

As far as things that you should eat, I’d say that you should start incorporating foods that have lots of EPA in them. Start eating foods like flaxseed, fish, and my favorite, walnuts. In the event that you can’t find the time, money, or want to incorporate these into your diet, then supplement with a vitamin A supplement.


At the end of the day, what you eat matters – BIG TIME. Put the crappy fast food down along with the cupcake and start eating healthy. Nuff said!

Does Diet Truly Effect Your Skin? Find Out Now!
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