Does Biotin Cause Acne?

Lots of people, especially women, supplement with biotin. They take this to help improve the condition of their nails, skin, and hair.

Taking biotin is pretty much safe for anyone to use, however, it might not be that “miracle” supplement that you think it is. Sure, people taking it think the world of it I’m sure, but there are many things that you might not know that you should. One of which is related to breakouts (on occasions).

Does Biotin Like AcneIs Biotin The Main Culprit For Acne Breakouts?

Let me start by saying, this supplement by itself may not be the may culprit here. What might be the problem is ingesting numerous vitamins injunction with it.

We must also ask ourselves, how can we prevent breakouts from occurring? Rather than getting right into the solutions, let’s discuss the supplement a bit more first.

Facts About Biotin

Did you know that this mega supplement is part of the infamous and powerful vitamin B family? Yup, it sure is! Oh, and it’s better known as vitamin B7 for those that have heard of it.

Why is it important from a health and wellness perspective?

Well, it helps assist with enzyme production. It’s also known for helping with metabolizing fats, carbs, and aminos.

With regards to skin care specifically, it’s been said that this supplement helps prevent hair loss, changes in skin condition, and weakened nail beds.

But Does It Really Cause Zits?

To be completely honest with you, based on the research that I’ve done, I have not been able to find any real studies that suggest biotin can cause acne. What I have been able to determine is that your personal chemical structure might have more to do with it than anything.

Some people seem to have positive results from taking biotin while others have negative results and perhaps worse acne.

For the most part, those with a B7 deficiency tend to have a positive reaction towards supplementing with it. Having this condition is pretty rare, though.

The condition arises when individuals take certain antibiotics for an extended period of time. When you take this type of medicine it most often kills the good and bad bacteria. Good bacteria is what produces biotin within your body.

Individuals that end up getting acne during their supplementation period often get it due to the levels of pantothenic acid aka vitamin B5. Both vitamins are basically the inverse of one another. When your body becomes low in pantothenic, acne can begin to form.

Hold on for just a moment…

I’m not suggesting that you begin taking a ton of vitamin B7. Doing so can actually be bad for your skin. If you want to help keep your acne to a minimum then take 2500mg or less of biotin. Be sure to consume plenty of water when doing so.

How To Take It

Some people claim that pure biotin is best while others prefer a simple multivitamin. Based on research that I have done, it seems like the multivitamin route isn’t the best route to take. Reason being, it can deliver additional vitamins that can impact your acne condition.

You’ll be consuming additional vitamins that can further negatively impact your acne condition such as B6, B12, and iodine.

What I’d suggest doing is taking the purest form of biotin possible and seeing if your acne improves. In the event that it gets worse or doesn’t improve, then switch to the multivitamin supplement.

Other Ways To Improve Your Skin

If you don’t want to take supplements at all, then you can simply consume more EFAs, vitamins, and proteins.

Start by eating more chicken, seafood, eggs, and lean meat. It’s all about maintaining healthy body functions and consuming what your body is incapable of producing. Omega 3s and 6s are where you need to start if your acne is out of control.

In addition to that, I’d suggest eating foods that contain high levels of vitamin A and C.

Final Conclusion: Find Out If This Truly Causes Acne

Biotin does not necessarily cause acne to form. It’s more like the way it reacts with your body and other vitamins that make it so influential.

Instead of choosing to supplement with it or taking any multivitamin, choose to eat healthy foods as an alternative. If your acne doesn’t clear up after that, then try pure biotin. As a last resort take the multivitamin.

Does Biotin Cause Acne?
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