Do Your Part! Help Save The Environment Via Your Skin Care Routine


The world we live in today is different from that which our parents were brought up in. Things changes, climate changes, people change, as does the environment. Many people and companies are putting forth the effort to minimize waste. They’re trying to conserve energy and not waste our precious resources. Too many companies do a good enough job of being wasteful as is.

Did you know that there are a few things that you can do to help do your part to better preserve the environment? The extremely tiny efforts all add up in the long run. You can start by making a few changes to your daily beauty regimen.

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Yuni Cleansing Foam

Save The Environment: Make These Beauty Adjustments Today

Are you the type of person that eats the same thing every day? Well, I’m sure the same holds true for your beauty regimen correct? Chances are you’re using the same darn product day in and day out! Is that 100% correct? If so, you can start by doing something simple like buying the larger bottle or purchasing product in bulk. The reduction in plastic use makes a difference.

Did you know that some places even allow you to bring back the shampoo bottle that you bought? That is, assuming that they sell in large bulk quantities. Heck, it’s worth checking out if you ask me.

Another thing that you might want to think about doing is avoiding certain ingredients that may harm the environment. Ingredients such as oxybenzone which can be found in sunscreens do a number on the ecosystem. They have been known to disrupt coral reefs and everything living within that environment.

Now although some of the other things that I’m about to share with you might be a bit extreme, I want you to keep an open mind about them.

One of the things you can think about doing is taking a waterless shower. I know, it sounds absolutely terrible but it’s worth trying out. There’s a product sold at Sephora called Yuni Flash Bath which is a cleansing foam. Give it a shot, it’s only $19. Full disclosure, I take showers with water. This product isn’t for me. However, those that use dry shampoo might appreciate this.

Another thing you can do is only get treatments at a low waste salon. If you do your part in only visiting salons and spas that promise to help the environment, you’re doing your part towards the cause. Many salons will recycle and patrons often choose to only purchase services from those that do. Start there and see how that works out.

Recycle your old containers. Instead of taking selfies and posting them on Instagram all day, how about taking them to the recycling bin! Some companies go as far as offering a recycle rewards program. They do this because it’s a win-win for everyone involved. I suggest you check out the websites of each product you use. Who knows, you may be leaving money on the table!

Have any other environmentally friendly tips that you can share with us? Then definitely get in touch with us asap! We’ll reward you for doing so! Thanks inĀ advance and have an eco-friendly day!

Do Your Part! Help Save The Environment Via Your Skin Care Routine
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