Do Products With Egg Whites Make Pores Look Great


I love egg whites. I probably spend 200 mornings a year starting my day with egg whites. Typically I do this through eating consumption but it just might be time to make a change and begin to incorporate it in my skin care routine instead.

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Korean Skin Brands Say Egg Whites Are Key

There are a number of Korean skin care product brands that have recently decided to incorporate eggs into their products. Doing so has turned out to be beneficial and somewhat of a game changer so it seems. For example, according to an article published in Allure, the skin brand Tony Moly recently launched a line of egg infused soaps that actually come neatly packed in an egg carton. There are plenty of other Korean skin brands adding the egg whites to various products as well.

However, they are not the only individuals doing this. Some major non-Korean brands are also taking action to incorporate eggs into their own products as well. Products such as OVM Serum made by the famous Perricone MD skin care brand is jumping on this train by incorporating egg shell membrane into their serum to help fight aging.

So what’s the fuss with incorporating egg whites into our skin care routines? Well, according to Charlotte Cho, the founder of Soko Glam, “Yolk extract and albumen extract remove sebum and dead skin cells, which leave the skin clean, smooth, and firm.” Charlotte Cho shared the information that Allure published.

Allure apparently wanted to further confirm her statement so they went to Randy Schueller, a cosmetic chemist for another opinion on the ingredient. According to Allure, Randy Schueller said, “I’m not aware of any mechanism by which egg materials could remove sebum or dead skin cells.”

Randy Schueller did mention that there were benefits of incorporating egg into your skin care regimen. Apparently, since eggs contain albumen protein, incorporating them into a product may help make your skin feel a bit tighter. Randy specifically stated, “This makes your skin feel tighter.”

Based on what I’ve read and the information I’ve been exposed to it seems like egg whites could be a good fit when it comes to your skin care routines. I’m just not going to be substituting my morning egg white omelette. I like my egg whites as is too much to make any adjustments without knowing they have a confirmed impact in my anti aging efforts.

Do Products With Egg Whites Make Pores Look Great
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