Do Product Expiration Dates Really Matter Much?


I’m sure at one point in your life, you’ve had the urge to not throw away an expired product. This happens on so many occasions that I can’t even recall them all. More often than not, skin care products are purchased with the best intentions, yet nothing is done with them. So many times, they end up sitting on your shelf for months, even years before they officially get tossed or passed along to those less fortunate. What I’m here today to discuss is the meaning behind those product expiration dates and whether or not they are really that important. One thing you need to understand about skin care products is that they do not last forever. Yes, they¬†do in fact, expire and they do so quicker than you think.

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Does A Product Expiration Date Really Matter?

Some of the freshest and best products in the skin care industry are those with expiration dates on them. There’s a good reason why so many products have expiration dates on them, to begin with. It’s not just a way to get you to spend more money. Believe it or not, it’s actually for your health. Many consumers living today often ignore the expiration dates that exist on skin and makeup products. They simply bat an eyelash at them and believe that it’s not something worth worrying about. It can, of course, be really tricky considering so many products don’t have any expiration dates written on them.

One thing that you need to understand is that the FDA and government aren’t necessarily concerned with the effectiveness of the product. Instead, they are more concerned with your personal safety. A good example of this is the mercury issue that we recently reported. What exactly do I mean by that? Well, what I mean is that you can come into contact with a product that simply isn’t potent or strong enough to even work, yet the government might not have any problem with it since it’s not harming the user. Preservation and shelf life have virtually nothing to do with product effectiveness at all.

In fact, what you probably didn’t know was that all beauty and skin products are not tied to the FDA with regards to effectiveness or how long they actually remain effective. The FDA is only responsible for protecting the health of the public people. What you likely don’t know is that skin care products often become ineffective in just a matter of weeks, not even months. This is part of the reason why so many products offer a recurring subscription model in a one-month supply of product. It’s because they know that products don’t last as long as people think. While so many people feel like they may be getting ripped off or put into this recurring billing model rotation, it’s literally only for their own good!

If you’re going to try a single product, then I strongly suggest that you give this one a shot before any others. It’s got vitamin C and many other products that you need to keep your skin so fresh and so clean. Whatever you do, don’t go wasting your time applying that vitamin C cream that’s been sitting on your shelf for two years. It’s not going to do anything other than, well, most likely nothing.

Do Product Expiration Dates Really Matter Much?
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