Do It Yourself Hacks That May Do More Harm Than Good


We’ve all spent hours browsing around on Pinterest looking for cool hacks and tips. If you say you’ve never done it, I know you’re lying.

Well, our pals over at Buzzfeed put together a video compilation (shown below) that shares all the things you should not do when it comes to caring for your skin.

I know, you’re going to want to try a few of these hacks and you may even do a couple on a regular basis. I’m here to help you out. Just say no to the DIY hacks below!

do it yourself hacks

Do It Yourself Hacks To Avoid

I’ll start with one that’s really a no-brainer but some people are foolish. It’s known as the Scalding Face Mask and it’s supposed to lighten your skin. The active ingredients are lemon juice, cinnamon, and baking soda. The hack creator wants you to mix all this together, apply it to your face and scream. The end result is likely just pain, not lighter skin.

Another one is the trusty toothpaste trick. You put it on your pimples, right? Cut that out now! Doing so can cause your skin to become irritated, red and even peel. Not to mention you look foolish with toothpaste on your face.

This one is for all your underarm hackers. Using lime sounds like a great treat for your under arms right? Wrong! Don’t even think about rubbing this on your skin. It’s super acidic and can really irritate your skin.

Some people think they’re being economical by purchasing petroleum jelly using it as wrinkle prevention cream. Really? Don’t you think that it prevents wrinkles? Not a chance! It does help moisturize your skin which as a result can make your skin appear to have fewer wrinkles than you really do. It’s a partial winner, I guess.

Last but not least, some have tried using hydrogen peroxide to whiten their┬áteeth. Using this alone is not a good idea. It’s too strong and it can burn quite a bit.

If you like the video that you watched above, you might want to check out our very own YouTube channel. You’ll literally find tons of skin care tips and tricks on video. We’ve even recorded a number of product reviews for those that might be interested. Here’s one of the videos that we’ve done.

Do It Yourself Hacks That May Do More Harm Than Good
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