Do Baby Skin Products Need More Regulation?


A woman by the name of Jessica Iclisoy has recently taken action to legitimize the safety of babies. Well, not just babies but the natural skin care market in general. Years ago Jessica Iclisoy launched her very own skin care company called California Baby. She did this because she wanted to provide better products that were safe and natural for babies. She had created the company while she was pregnant.

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She recently spoke with Fast Company and while doing so she made a statement that really resonated with me. Iclisoy told Fast Company that, “A baby’s liver and kidneys are skill developing, so their ability to get rid of toxins and waste is much more fragile.” This makes all the sense in the world and it’s one of the reasons wants to help Jessica with her launch and spread the world about this new organization that she’s in the process of launching.

The organization that Jessica Iclisoy just launched is known as the Natural Advisory Council which will be formed in order to become an advocate for strict regulations within the natural skin care market. She wants to better educate consumers, manufacturers as well as brand owners.

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California Baby Products

This isn’t Jessica’s first attempt at improving regulation and safety within the industry. In fact, she has been with with a government official to get the Personal Care Products Safety Act passed. This specific Act would be a game changer with regards to personal care products. If this were to pass, it would give the Federal Drug and Food Administration the power to regulate personal care products as well as beauty and cosmetics. The FDA already has enough issues dealing with mercury in products being products overseas. There’s a good chance that this could really keep them busy if this passes.

For more information on Jessica Iclisoy and her natural skin care company, feel free to check out her official company website.

Here’s a video that Jessica has posted on her company site. Learn more about her and her products by watching it.

Do Baby Skin Products Need More Regulation?
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