DNA Eye Balm

Today’s review is on another eye product. This is obviously one of the many eye care products on the market today. The question is whether or not this matches up to the best eye creams out there. My guess is not important, but then again I don’t like to jump to conclusions with regards to these types of things.

The DNA Eye Balm treatment is one that’s said to help improve your skin, making it look more youthful, healthy, and naturally alive. This specific treatment is not like the rest of the eye treatments on the market today. The one includes ingredients such as barley seeds, algae, Matrixyl 3000, and even plankton.

According to the company website, this product claims to be a product which the skin absorbs rather quickly. It essentially targets the specific pain points around the eyes. Issues such as lines, puffy eyes, dark circles, and even crow’s feet. I’ll dive much deeper into all that and then some, just keep reading to learn more.

DNA Eye Balm

More About DNA Eye Renewal Eye Balm

What the heck is DNA Eye Balm? I know that you and everyone out there is curious about this product. In fact, wrinkle reduction around the eye region is the one thing that’s synonymous with all people using skin care products. They want those wrinkles to disappear and making them disappear is actually pretty easy if the right products are used.

As people grow older (over 50) they acquire what’s known as crow’s feet which form around the eyes. Lots of plastic surgeons take the time to focus on fixing this area because they know how important it is to consumers. DNA Eye Balm is supposed to replace the need to have surgical procedures done on your face.

Getting down to the details of it, DNA Eye Balm was created by a Dr. Ronald Moy. This man is a dermatologist who’s based out of Beverly Hills. According to my research, he’s done quite a bit of research over the years and has contributed to those studying within the medical community. He’s used all the studying and research that he’s done and created products based on the ingredients. Speaking of ingredients, those within the product said to help reduce or slow down the aging process, boost collagen, and more.

How Does The DNA Eye Balm Work?

The product works by doing a number of things, most of which is based on the peptides and other ingredients used in the formula. Now is about the time when I should go into great detail about each of the ingredients involved. Which is exactly what I’m going to do. Here’s a rundown of the ingredients incorporated which do just about everything they can to help improve the condition of your skin. Here they are…

Hyaluronic Acid – This is a monster skin care ingredient that helps with hydration, wrinkle reduction and much more. Did I mention that this ingredient helps with lipid production? It helps reduce inflammation as well.

Algae and Plankton – These two ingredients are used in this formula for various reasons. They are used to help supply the body with marine-based material which helps naturally repair the skin and reduce the skin’s age by decades.

Growth Factor – This ingredient comes from barley seeds. It’s been engineered to replicate the actions of HGF in order to stimulate the production of collagen. As a result, your skin will be tight and your pores will be in tip-top shape.

What it doesn’t contain are parabens, sulfates, and fragrances. Thankfully, this DNA Eye Balm avoids the use of all these ingredients which are known for being either toxic or just bad for the skin.

What They Say About It

If you’re willing and able to use the DNA Eye Balm, it’s said to help improve or reduce the saggy eye look that so many people suffer from.

A Couple Of Observations

I’d like to point out a couple of things that I learned about this product. The first thing is that it’s made in Los Angeles, California and that it comes in a 15mL pump dispenser.

I like the fact that the company provides a decent amount of information on the About page. You’ll find plenty on the doctor behind this product line and more. However, one thing that I noticed was that they don’t share any information as to the exact ingredients used in each of the formulas. That’s a problem if you ask me. Reason being, I like to research each and every ingredient within a skin care product before I use it. Additionally, I like to know the specific amounts if possible.

If you take a closer look at the site, you’ll also notice that they do not have a customer service number visible. Sure, they have one but it’s not easy to find given the site layout.

How To Use It

Using the DNA Eye Balm is super simple. It’s so simple that any consumer shouldn’t have a problem doing so. All you need to do is apply a small amount of cream around your eye. It will get absorbed into your skin pretty quickly. You should apply the product in the morning and the evening. Simple as that.


Buying the DNA Eye Balm is easy as well. Doing so will cost you $80.00 and you’ll simply need to make your purchase on the company site. The product is offered in a one-time purchase, no subscriptions are available.

Assuming you’ve got questions for the doctor behind this product, then I suggest you either email them using the contact form or call the toll-free number listed on the website.


This product and the entire range was created by a dermatologist that likely knows more about skin care than most. My advice would be to give it a try if you have $80 to spare. It’s not the absolute best product out there, but it works pretty well.

Is it the best? Well, I wouldn’t go that far, but it’s possible that can compete with the best. Give a few different types a try and you’ll know for sure what works best.

DNA Eye Balm
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