DMAE Cream

Many people have no idea what DMAE cream even is. They’ve never even heard of it. I’m willing to bet that if you pull out any of the beauty products that you use today, you’ll find four letters on the label. Take a look and see if you find “DMAE” on any of the products. DMAE creams are popular skin creams that contain an ingredient called Dimethylaminoethanol. It sounds like some chemical that’s made in a mad science lab, but it’s actually a natural nutrient that can be found in our brains.

The Dimethylaminoethanol aka DMAE is what assists acetylcholine in delivering messages from your brain to your nerves. If you’re wondering what DMAE cream is used for and why any of this matters, I can understand why you’re asking. The cream is often used to help tighten skin and firm things up so to speak. Due to the fact that DMAE directly affects the amount of acetylcholine in your body, and the fact that the acetylcholine positively impacts firming and and tightening, it’s directly associated with saggy skin issues.

Another thing that DMAE does to impact your skin is reduce what’s known as lipofuscin deposits in your body. If you’re not familiar with what lipofuscin is, it’s something that’s directly related to your skin pigmentation and discoloration. It’s directly related to liver spots (more commonly known as age spots) as well. Using DMAE cream can help reduce the presence of these spots.

Last but not least, DMAE cream can also have a positive impact on your skin inflammation. The cream can act as an anti-inflammatory and it can also help reduce the number of free radicals that exist within your body. Individuals with an overabundance of free radicals is something that can really do serious damage to your skin.

Some DMAE Cream Ingredient Facts

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Ingredients Label Showing DMAE.

Some people don’t necessarily care if they use the absolute best products when it comes to skin care. However, I’ve got to be completely honest and say how important it is that you do this. With regards to DMAE cream, you’ll want to pick up a cream that doesn’t irritate and is an antioxidant. If you’re looking for a “facelift in a jar” then you need to make sure the cream you pick up covers both aspects mentioned above.

Let me first discuss the use of topical DMAE creams and what it does for your skin.

We’ve already gone over the fact that this cream can do wonders for tightening and firming your skin. It’s more effective in that department versus the typical moisturizer. DMAE cream, when applied topically can help rid your body of pesky wrinkles. There are certain areas that are more prone to wrinkles than others and this is one of the creams that can help clear things up. For example, I strongly suggest that you pick this up if you’re looking to get rid of nasolabial folds, wrinkles around your nose, forehead, ears, mouth, and more. If you’re fighting turkey neck then you’ll want to use this cream to do so

Now, you probably recall that DMAE cream is works to improve muscle tone and therefore, it’s likely something that’s been known to help get rid of those eye bags that so many of us have. Lots of the eye creams on the market today contain DMAE for this specific purpose.

One other thing that I failed to mention was that DMAE cream can also help reduce the wrinkles on your jawline. I’ve seen so many men and women develop these unattractive wrinkles all along their jawlines and it’s been something that many can’t help but focus on. Tightening the skin along the jawline is something that most want to put more effort into but they likely are more concerned with other areas of their face.

DMAE cream is also used to help improve your lips. There’s nothing like lip fullness and smoothness that makes someone look younger and more attractive. Believe it or not, some people also focus on non-traditional regions of their body like their butts and thighs. It’s not all that uncommon for folks to want to improve these areas of their bodies but they just rather put in the work elsewhere and focus on more visible parts of their body. That said, topical creams containing DMAE do work on thighs and legs if they are high concentrations.

Supplementing With It

Ask any expert and they will suggest that you take vitamins injunction with using a product that contains DMAE. Many dermatologists may suggest that you take vitamin B and vitamin C. Doing so will help improve the effectiveness of the cream. Some people also swear by using products the contain this cream as well as alpha lipoid acid and other ingredients that are known to help improve your skin.

Side Effects

Well, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but this product, just like many others does have some side effects. Topical creams that contain this ingredient might cause skin sensitivity. It may cause allergic reactions. It may even make your skin much worse if you’re not careful. Excessive use can be a real nightmare! In the event that you begin to have issues, then I suggest that you stop using the DMAE cream and contact your dermatologist immediately. Should things progress or be extremely severe, do not hesitate to take a trip to the emergency room. Side effects from skin products can be life threatening if you have a bad enough reaction.

DMAE Cream
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