Shea Butter Soap

making soap with shea butterToday, we talk about how to make a soap with shea butter!

Butter is one of the best ingredients to create a lotion that is beneficial for your skin. When looking to make a moisturizer at home, butter from particular plants and trees can fulfill your requirement. Among the most effective is Shea Butter. While its cost is on the higher side, you can derive maximum effectiveness from its usage. Along with its moisturizing property, Shea butter also has many medicinal qualities that can help rejuvenate your skin.

Making Soap with Shea Butter

Allergies of the skin and insect bites can be treated effectively with Shea butter. The prime importance in the use of Shea Butter is to obtain a butter of high quality as those of lower quality do not have healing qualities.

Butter has medicinal and moisturizing value only for a period of 18 months after it has been manufactured. If the age of the Shea butter is over this, it has no value. The original product will be beige in color. You need to recheck if the Shea butter you are buying has a different color.

Shea Butter Soap

Shea butter soap is an extremely useful soap that can easily be created at home. You can make a 100% Shea butter soap, but it is recommended that you mix it with other ingredients for better results.

Base Ingredients Grams Ounces Percentage
Shea Butter 135 gr. 4.8 oz. 15%
Olive Oil 360 gr. 12.7 oz. 40%
Coconut Oil 180 gr. 6.35 oz. 20%
Castor Oil 90 gr. 3.175 oz. 10%
Palm Oil** 135 gr. 4.8 oz. 15%
Distilled Water 200 gr. 7.05 oz.
Coconut Milk 97 gr. 3.42 oz.
Lye 123.2 gr. 4.34 oz.


Using the desired method of soap making, mix all the ingredients carefully, but make sure you do not mix the coconut oil with the lye and water until the solution is thick. Once the solution begins to get thick you can add the coconut oil (warm – make sure to read about it’s skin benefits here) and continue to stir it until it gets more thick and then pour about 2/3 of the liquid it into the mold. To the remaining liquid add grounded calendula petals and properly mix the solution. (if you do not have the petals and you do not want the color or sent you can skip all this)

In a zig zag manner pour the remaining soap and while doing so make sure to move your hand up and down to make sure this mixes well. Now using a spatula swirl this properly and follow the instructions on the soap making process to complete the procedure.

Shea Butter Soap
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