Make Your Own Skin Lotions

Butter is one of the best skin care ingredients to create a lotion that is beneficial for your skin. When looking to make a moisturizer at home, butter from particular plants and trees can fulfill your requirement. Among the most effective is Shea Butter. While its cost is on the higher side, you can derive maximum effectiveness from its usage. Along with its moisturizing property, Shea butter also has many medicinal qualities that can help rejuvenate your skin.

Allergies of the skin and insect bites can be treated effectively with Shea butter. The prime importance in the use of Shea Butter is to obtain a butter of high quality as those of lower quality do not have healing qualities. However, they might do for purposes of moisturizing. The Butter has medicinal and moisturizing value only for a period of 18 months after it has been manufactured. If the age of the Shea butter is over this, it has no value. The original product will be beige in color. You need to recheck if the Shea butter you are buying has a different color. Cocoa butter is pale yellow in color and is a very effective moisturizer.

Cocoa can be used as a mask to make your skin look fresh and young. A tablespoon each of cocoa powder, sour cream and honey should be mixed up with an egg white. Moisturizing your skin is also possible with oats. All you need to mix up the powdered oats into a face mask is warm water. If you want a scrub, add a tablespoon of honey and you have the scrub ready.

Honey is itself a great ingredient for making a facial mask. The Honey must be in a raw state. Apply it on your face and wash off with warm water. If you want an ingredient that is always handy, try out baking soda. All you need to do is to mix two teaspoons of it with slightly warm water and make a paste. After it has dried out, wipe it off and then clean your face with warm water.

Sugar can also be a great source of new life to your skin. Mix a cup of sugar with a half cup of olive oil. After applying it all over your body, you need to wash it off with warm water. If the sugar is rough on the skin, you can try out brown sugar.

If you do not want to be doing any mixing of ingredients, you can just get out the butter and overcome the dryness in your skin. Cocoa butter can be used daily whereas the use of facial masks can be done twice a week.

As most of these formulations can be readied in a matter of minutes, you have as much power in your home and kitchen as is packed into the costliest cosmetic products. One thing you need to take care is not to use any substance which you might be allergic to. This can be avoided by making a small test before going in for the actual application.

Make Your Own Skin Lotions
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