How To Make A Mask Out Of Clay And Honey

making your own masks with items at homeMud is available all around us and is an ingredient that delivers great results for your skin. Clay is a very good solution for those having trouble with acne-prone and oily skin. Kaolin clay is white in color and does not absorb too much of oil. Other clays of red and green colors are able to take up a lot of the facial oil.

While yogurt and honey are the basic ingredients to make up your clay facial mask, you can add essential oils and herbs to the mix.


  • Take a Tablespoon of the Clay that is suitable for your skin
  • Take a half tablespoon of honey
  • Add a drop of lavender oil
  • Add the required amount of water
  • Mix it in a container. Do not use metals either in the container or the mixer
  • Clean your face and dry it
  • Apply mask and keep it on for about 15 minutes
  • Wash it off with cool water
  • Apply a suitable moisturizer such as an oil or a butter

Honey has anti-bacterial properties that are best-suited to treat acne. If you do not prefer clay, you can combine cinnamon and honey. You do not need to mix the cinnamon and the honey. You can first apply the honey on the area having the problem and then top up with a dash of cinnamon. You should not overdo the quantity as these are powerful substances and a little quantity is enough.

Yogurt has the protein that your face will do well with. When it is combined with lime with yogurt making up the substantial component, you have a mix that will really cleanse your face while not having any effects on any sensitive part of your face. It will deliver a positive impact to your skin.

For keeping protected from Winter, Aloe Vera is one of the best choices for nourishment. Aloe Vera is also a great way to treat sunburned skin. If you want your skin to both look and feel lively, mint has what it takes to achieve this. You can grow Aloe Vera in your garden and keep your skin in the best condition all through the year.

An oil with a good healing characteristic is tea tree oil. It has the aroma of camphor. It also has anti-microbial features. When you mix it up with butter and almond oil, what you have is a nourishing and medicinal lotion ready for use whenever you want to brighten up.

Olive oil and coconut oil have most if not all of the essential requirements of a DIY lotion. Olive oil in combination with sugar is a great scrub for dry skin while Olive oil with salt makes a great scrub for you if you have oily skin. Those with sensitive skin can go in for the former combination.

For dry skin, the best natural and easy-to-make mask is made with avocado and honey. A ripe avocado will be perfect and half of it can be mashed up with a quarter cup of honey to create this moisturizing mix that will leave you fresh and sprightly.

With so many options available inside your own home, there is a lot of avenue for experimentation. This will also get you onto a journey of learning where you become fully acquainted with all of the basic contents of the different fruits and vegetables which you use on a daily basis. When these fruits and vegetables are used to revitalize your skin, you can achieve great looks all through the year without even setting foot in a cosmetics store.

How To Make A Mask Out Of Clay And Honey
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