5 Amazing DIY Exfoliants That You Can Make At Home Within Minutes

Today we take a look at five types of exfoliants you can make at home.


pic of coffee and sugar

I use this simple homemade exfoliator all of the time. Simply mix coffee and a nice coarse brown sugar and apply to your face. This treatment works particularly well on skin blemishes. The coffee acts as an accomplished scrubber, while the sugar will soften the skin and open the pores. This particular concoction is very popular in yoga circles as it is known for its calming properties. Namaste!

2. Salt & Lemon

photo of salt and lemon

Designed for oily skin, this homemade exfoliator will penetrate deep to eliminate pesky blackheads. The lemon juice will wipe away the oil and at the same time the salt scrubs the skin removing all the impurities. This one also works well as a body scrub. You can use it plain or even add some herbs like lavender for relaxation or rosemary for extra energy. Some people add thyme for its known antibacterial properties.

3. Strawberries

group of strawberries

Here is a popular homemade solution for oily skin. All you need to do to make this DIY exfoliant is smash some strawberries in a bowl and spread them all over your face or even entire body. Start rubbing them in and you will see how quick that oil disappears. Strawberries are rich in vitamin C, which is a natural skin exfoliator. This fruit is also loaded with potent alpha hydroxy acid, which is a nutrient known for its anti-aging benefits.

4. Honey & Sugar

honey and sugar for skin exfoliation?

This is a simple exfoliator that I like to make when I have limited time. Mix honey with a little bit of sugar and apply to your clean skin. Within seconds you will feel the glow. There is a reason that honey has been used for thousands of years as not only a food but as a beauty and even a medicinal agent. It is said that honey has remarkable skin care properties, including antibacterial and antioxidant.

5. Papaya & Oat

photo of papaya and oats

Papaya isn’t always in season but this is a good facial scrub recipe to keep handy for whenever you have one in your kitchen. Papayas are a fantastic scrub ingredient because the enzymes that they contain are natural exfoliating agents. Put it this way, if you have ever scrubbed your skin too much with something really harsh, you can always counter this will the miracle papaya fruit. Just grab half a papaya and a couple tablespoons of oatmeal and a dash of almond oil for good measure. Blend this together and mix and apply. That is it!

Making exfoliators at home is great fun and all of these simple DIY recipes will leave your skin feeling great. My friends and I have regular home spa nights. Try all of these homemade exfoliators out and be sure to let me know which one is your favorite.

What exfoliators are you using right now?  Are you making your own skin treatments at home?  If not, follow along with us and we’ll show you many recipes you can use with items you already have.

5 Amazing DIY Exfoliants That You Can Make At Home Within Minutes
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