Disney X Target Skin Care Products For The Win? You Bet!


Have you been to Disney World? It’s perhaps every kid’s dream to go and some even dream of living there. Oh, but it’s not just a kids dream, lots of adults are straight suckers for this brand and adding Disney to just about anything makes that “thing” that much more desirable.

Yes, even skin care products.

Whether you’ve got kids and you want to teach them how to care for their skin or if you’ve just got an obsession for awesome Disney packaging, then chances are you’re going to get a real kick out of the products I’m about to reveal (buy ’em all here). The cuteness factor here is in the upper echelon, just saying.

If you’re a habitual Target shopper then you will want to keep a close eye out for these Disney branded skin care staples. The best part, they are very affordable and readily available. In fact, you can pick them up for less than the price of that Starbucks latte your sipping on right now.

Disney x Target Skin Care

Disney Skin Care Products Now Available At Target

Like I said if cuteness and skin care are two things you genuinely value (along with a good deal) then this mashup is one that you’ll never forget.

Afterall, who doesn’t love things with Mickey’s face all over them? I mean, it’s iconic! Without wasting any more of your time, here are the affordable Disney skin care products to consider using today.

Super Cheap Masks

mickey mouse sheet masks

Oh, sheet! I said the same thing when I discovered that the Green Tea Facial Sheet Masks by Disney were only $3.00. I mean, really, this is so darn affordable I don’t even know where to begin. The difference between this sheet mask and millions of others on the market?

Well, this has Mickey Mouse’s face on the cover of it.

This mask comes in various types too depending on the mood that you’re in. You’ll find types like charcoal, green tea, and even hyaluronic acid. All of these masks are jam-packed with ingredients that soothe your skin, reduce inflammation and boost hydration levels.

The Mickey Mouse Charcoal Mask does a lot for those that may have excess oil or toxin build up. It’s a perfect detox mask to wear while watching Mickey Mouse Club reruns.

Super Cheap Hand Creams

disney scented hand creme

If you’re constantly on the go and using your hands then you’ll want to introduce a nice hand cream into your daily regimen. Keeping your hands well moisturized is the one thing that so many people fail to do. It really shows your age too if not tended to regularly. Disney and Target are making skin care fun and keeping your hands youthful looking much easier. The TSA approved hand cream comes in various scents and yes, they too are available for as low as $3.00.

Pack them for your trip to Disney World and you’ll get past security without any issues. The Blackberry Scented Hand Cream comes in an 80ml tube which is infused with one of our favorite ingredients, shea butter. The Green Tea Aloe Mint Hand Cream is also $3.00 except it’s got more of an earth-like scent to it. If you’re more of a citrus fan, then the Citrus Mint Hand Creme is just for you.

Affordable Hand Sanitizer

mickey mouse hand sanitizer

I don’t know about you but I don’t go anywhere without hand sanitizer today. Since I’m attached to it at the hip, it only makes sense that I keep it fun with this Mickey Mouse Hand Sanitizer – yes, once again, only $3.00. Trust me, if you get this I can almost guarantee you’ll be using it daily and getting compliments on it as well. You might as well pick up a few bottles for that price!

Mickey Mouse Bubble Bath

disney bubble bath gel

While I’m personally not into bubble baths, some people are and I know kids love them. For as low as $4.00, your children can get more excited about keeping their skin clean using this Mickey Mouse Bubble Bath. They come in two scents, Citrus Mint and Berry Blossom. For $4.00 you might as well grab both scents and see which one you like best.

So, unless you’re an anti-Disney person which would be a first for me meeting in my life, then you probably want all of these products. I strongly suggest you head to Target today before they are gone. Disney fanatics will be collecting them like crazy, trust me. They will go quickly!

Special thanks to Elite Daily for the article tip!

Disney X Target Skin Care Products For The Win? You Bet!
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