Disgusting Ingredients In Skin And Makeup Products That Make Us Cringe


Every day the FDA finds weird and sometimes disgusting ingredients within the products people market. Chances are you’ve likely cringed or even got physically sick just from the thought of applying some of these ingredients to your skin. Don’t worry, you are not alone when it comes to this stuff. I personally find so many ingredients unbearably disgusting and some of those mentioned below make me want to get sick. I’ll try and cover them without losing my lunch…

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Skin & Beauty Ingredients That Make Me Sick

Like I’ve said over and over, most people have no idea what they are actually putting on their face. In rare cases, people read the entire ingredients list and take note of every single one that a product contains. Like I said, that’s extremely rare. At any rate, here are some ingredients that are bound to make you lose your lunch for sure…

Snail Mucus

There are lots of anti aging companies out there trying to capitalize on the use of snails in their creams and serums. The snail ooze is that slimy gel trail that all snails leave behind when traveling ever so slowly. It’s a secretion that skin companies are now taking advantage of in a big way. Supposedly it’s good if you’re trying to heal any scarring or burns that you might have. You’ll likely want to treat your acne with this as well. There are lots of snail face masks on the market if you can stomach the thought of the ooze on your face.

Mink Oil

Although this isn’t a new ingredient, it’s still quite gross. Mink oil has been used by skin care companies of all kinds for literally decades. It comes from the fat of a mink which gets bleached, purified and the scent removed. The thing about this ingredient is that it’s not any more effective than an oil that comes from plants. However, I guess some people find glamour in using oil from a carcass. To each their own right.


Yes, I said it and as natural as it may be it’s pretty darn gross to think of it as being a cosmetic ingredient. Baby foreskin contains something known as EGF aka epidermal growth factor. This same ingredient is found in the SkinPro products. Many companies are using this ingredient because of the wonders that it has on their face I guess. If Oprah endorses creams with EGF then I guess it’s good but still gross.


This one is pretty disgusting when you really think about it. Plastic is used more often than you think, especially in skin care products. You’ll find this in eyeshadow, sunscreen, shaving cream, face moisturizer, and lots of other products. The main reason plastic is used in skin products is to create an exfoliant of some sort. I’m not entirely sure why some companies don’t choose to use ingredients that are less harmful than others but they should! Before you go applying that next product, read the package and look for Teflon. If you see that, then run.


Some brands have begun working in an ingredient known as carmine and this ingredient comes from a specific type of beetles. These are cochineal beetles and I’ll tell you right now, PETA is not happy about the use of these beetles. If you’re a Burt’s Bees or Jane Iredale brand fan, then chances are you’ve had beetles on your face.

Now, I hate to leave you on a sour or negative note so I won’t. If you’re serious about your skin and you want to try these ingredients out, then, by all means, give them a whirl. There are some products out there with weird as hell ingredients that work pretty good. You’ll be surprised how well they actually work if you can stomach the use.

Disgusting Ingredients In Skin And Makeup Products That Make Us Cringe
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