SkinCare.net relies on editor reviews of various skin products and treatments.  It’s important to our audience that there is full transparency between our editorial content and various products showcased on this website.

Owned by a content marketing firm, the goal of this site is to be a for-profit enterprise.  For this reason, we do reserve the right to sell advertising in the form of sponsored content.  We may, or may not, be entitled to compensation for any product review, giveaway, or sponsored advertorial.

In certain circumstances, reviews and product ratings may be compiled from outside sources such as Amazon.com and other shopping portals.  Further, advertorial language may be inserted to help advertisers products earn more page views.

SkinCare.net and its owners may or may not have a compensatory or proprietary relationship with some products on the website. Therefore, the owners of this website could potentially benefit from the sale of certain products listed here or through click throughs to third party websites.

Opinions expressed are for consumer entertainment only and should not be the sole factor in deciding on which products to use or recommend to others.

This disclaimer is required by the FTC and ensures your full transparency when doing research.

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