Dior DreamSkin Review

My guess is that you’re very familiar with the Dior company. It’s perhaps the biggest player in beauty as well as fashion, literally. The company has held that position for more than a century and it doesn’t seem like they have any plans to change that. The Dior brand is a designer brand that offers some of the most high-end and luxury type skin care and beauty products on the market today. They create makeup products (like Kylie Jenner), skin care lines and fashion products that make newspapers and magazine flock to them. Dior Dreamskin is one of the brands which they’ve created and it’s been more then superb if you ask the consumers out there.

See, one major trend that is crystal clear is the fact that many of these high-end brands are coming to market with makeup products that incorporate the use of ingredients typically found in skin care products. They do this to help keep your skin looking better than ever and to improve your complexion over a period of time. The skin care ingredients work to improve your skin and the makeup keeps your overall look close to perfection, highlighting the best of what you have to offer.

Since makeup typically reacts badly with skin especially for those with sensitive skin, we’re seeing more brands put forth the effort to add skin care ingredients into their makeup and beauty care formulas. That said, I’m going to share some information on the DreamSkin Advanced makeup/skincare collection that Dior offers.

Dior Dreamskin Review

More About The Dior Dreamskin Collection

Before I get too deep into the actual review, I want to share my review process with you. It honestly starts with something as simple as heading over to Google and checking out the search results that populate. At first glance, I’m happy to share with you that most of the people out there seem to have positive things to say about the Dior DreamSkin collection. The very first result that populated was a consumer-based review site called Influenster and with 204 reviews, the average rating was a 4.6 out of 5.0. Pretty solid if you ask me.

Dior Dreamskin search resultsI then moved on to the next result and it was one showcasing a specific product within the Dreakskin line. It was on Sephora and the product rating was a 4.2 out of 5.0 with 76 people sharing their opinion.

If you’re into videos versus reading, then you’ll be happy to learn that there are plenty of them out there and these people are sharing their personal opinions on the products.

Now, if you scroll down the page, you’ll notice that some of the reviews are not that favorable. However, you really need to take those with a grain of salt given that they’ve only been voted/rated once by an individual.

What You Need To Know About The Dior Brand

Before I get cranking here with collection details, I want to share some more details about the company with you. The Dior company kicked things off more than a century ago simply as a fashion brand. They did not even decide to get into the skin, makeup, and beauty niches until sometime in the 1960s.

As things progressed and as time passed they decided to eventually create skin products and makeup. Both of those collections are now in high demand and they are sold in retail stores across the globe. Yes, they sell them on their company website as well.

The DreamSkin Collection

Now, time to get down to business and discuss the Dior DreamSkin line. This collection is actually not its own collection but a part of one of the ranges that Dior carries. The range is the Capture Totale range and since being originally released, it has been recreated with new formulas and redesigned to look better than ever before. The specific range carries three products, those of which are the One Minute Mask, the Perfect Skin Cushion Board Spectrum SPF 50 and the Next Generation Iconic Perfect Skin Creator.

The beauty of them all, they can all be used within the same skin care regimen. Yes, they will have you looking like a million bucks if you do too.

Let’s dive into each of these products to see what they truly offer, starting with the One Minute Mask. The 1-Minute Mask is what Dior and others feel is the very first thing you need to use if you want to look good. The mask has everything that you need. I’m talking about ingredients like alpha hydroxy acids to help you exfoliate your skin and make your skin really shine brightly as possible. Exfoliating is so crucial and Dior knows that, which is why they’ve included this in the range.

The next product that you’ll want to use is the Next Generation Iconic Perfect Skin Creator. This is a product that is supposed to play two roles. One as a primer and the other as a moisturizer. This product is the one that helps you get rid of all the wrinkles, spots, dull tones, redness, and then some. Your skin will then be well prepared for applying makeup.

Last but not least, we’ve got to include SPF. Since the first product within the line contains AHAs you want to be sure to include the use of SPF. If not, you’ll be in big trouble. “Why,”¬†you ask? Well, as you use more and more chemicals, your sensitivity levels increase. Using the Dior Perfect Skin Cushion Broad Spectrum SPF 50 sunscreen is almost a requirement versus a necessity. Now, you’ll be happy to hear that the product offers various shades which help blend with the tone of your skin.

Should you use these products and work them into your routine? Well, that’s ultimately your choice, but using three simple products every morning makes life a whole lot easier in my opinion.

The Ingredient and Formulas

Dior isn’t very open about the formulas. Can you blame them though really? It’s going to be really difficult for you to find the exact formula for these products. However, we can tell you that you will find a couple of staple ingredients in these products. The two which I’ll cover are extracts known as longoza and opilia. These are included to help fight aging issues. The longoza fruit is a rare fruit that happens to be very helpful in boosting the regeneration process. However, we did some more research on this ingredient and could not find much on it. The opilia is an ingredient that’s said to help with skin balance and tone evening. However, once again, it was difficult to find any research pertaining to this ingredient.

Where To Buy The Dior DreamSkin Products

There are lots of places that you can consider purchasing these products. However, I’m going to suggest that you only do so at reputable retailers such as Nordstrom and Macy’s or just head on over to the corporate site and make a purchase there. If you’re worried about customer support or anything of that nature, don’t. They are a top-notch company that provides excellent support for any and all customers.

Dior DreamSkin Review
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