Dermesse Vitamin C Serum

Do you use a vitamin C serum? If not, then you’re doing your face an injustice!

That’s not to say that you should be using the Dermesse Vitamin C Serum, but you probably should be using some brand at the very least. Today I took a closer look at this product to see what I could learn about it.

The very first thing I learned was that the product claims to be one of the few on the market that’s gentle enough for sensitive skin. If you don’t know what it’s supposed to do, well, it is basically supposed to help reduce or even eliminate signs of aging. It also helps protect your skin from free radicals and the damage they cause.

Finding the perfect vitamin C serum isn’t a walk in the park. You’ve got to do your research, which is why I’m providing the information I am for you.
dermesse vitamin c serum

My Dermesse Vitamin C Serum Research & Findings

Below you will find a plethora of information that I’ve recently gathered after putting in some research work.

Company Information

The company that owns the Dermesse Vitamin C Serum is Axia Medical Solutions. The company is known for selling their products primarily in B2B settings such as professionals and doctors. The Dermesse brand itself harnesses a ton of different types of products including sunscreen, eye cream, acne cream, exfoliators and more.

Product Ingredients

This particular product only has a few ingredients. Well, at least that’s what I’ve gathered based on the labeling. The serum, of course, contains ascorbic acid and along with that, you’ll find diglycerin, ethoxydiglycol, fragrance, propylene glycol and ceteth-20.

Okay, let me break things down a bit now. The ethoxydiglycol acts as a solvent, the ceteth-20 acts as an emollient, the fragrance makes it smell nice, the ascorbic acid makes you look and feel younger.

Why You Might Use This

One might think about using the Dermesse Vitamin C Serum if they are looking to improve their complexion and brighten their skin in general. They most likely would use this if they are looking to repair and remove wrinkles. Due to the fact that many of the people using this product vary vastly in age, it should come as no surprise that there are many reasons for one to use this serum. In fact, it’s actually suitable for anyone between the ages of 18 and 80. Not to mention, it’s suitable for those of all skin types.

However, you’ll want to proceed with caution regardless of your age. Why? Well, the fragrance or scent in many vitamin c serums causes lots of issues with people. Especially those that have hypersensitive skin.

In the event that you’re a bit nervous to use this, you can try the 5% formula which is weaker than the 10% concentration formula. If you’re interested in obtaining more information on the product, then I suggest you check out the official company website ( for more information. Contact them directly and they’ll be able to provide you with more product details and information.

Using The Product

Using the vitamin c serum is quite simple. All you need to do is squeeze out a few drops and gently massage the liquid into your skin. Once the serum has been completely absorbed, then you’re good to go!

It’s recommended that you keep this stored at room temperature and avoid cold temperatures altogether if possible.

Conclusion: Dermesse Vitamin C Serum Might Work

Overall the product seems to be decent. It’s nice that they now offer it for purchase by consumers on their company site. I also like that it’s suitable for individuals of almost any age and skin type. I’d certainly suggest that you do more research before purchasing this product. Due to the limited product info and the fact that they don’t accept refunds, you should proceed with caution.

It’s not uncommon for many people to want to consult with their primary care physician or even a doctor that specializes in skin. In fact, I think it would be a smart move for you to take if you’re had skin issues in the past. Simply save yourself the anxiety and pain by seeking help. That’s what I do to be completely honest and I think you should do just the same.

Are There Other Vitamin C Serums That Are Better?

Well, I like to look at these products as being great for individuals, not necessarily collectively. However, that being said, I’d prefer to use the Delfogo vitamin c serum over this brand. That’s just my personal opinion, though. If you want to check it out just read this page for more product information.

Dermesse Vitamin C Serum
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